AAU, AU to Launch Post-graduate programmes

AAU, AU to Launch Post-graduate programmes


   Addis Ababa, July 10, 2001 (WIC)- The Ministry of Education disclosed that the Addis

   Ababa and Alemaya Universities have completed preparations to launch various post-graduate

   programmes within the coming four years.


   Education Minister Genet Zewdie told WIC today that, the Addis Ababa University would

   strengthen its post-graduate programmes of Economics, Medicine, Language Biology, and

   Physics and launch new programmes in Law, Pharmacy, Statistics, Computer Science, Civil

   Engineering, Electrical and Chemical Engineering and Veterinary Medicine.


   The Minister says the Alemya University will also offer post-graduate programmes in animal

   and plant sciences and agricultural engineering and Economics in addition to the doctorate

   programmes it intends to provide in some of the above-mentioned studies.


   When the post-graduate programmes are launched, Ethiopia would be able to offer such

   programmes to some 4,000 post-graduate students as opposed to the only 800-1000 students

   who undergo the post-graduate programmes every year, the Minister noted.


   She further said that beginning from 1997 E.C., the Jimma, Mekelle, Gondar and South

   Universities would also launch similar programmes.


   According to her, preparations were underway to upgrade the Arba Minch Water Technology

   and the Gondar Medical Colleges into Universities.


   The Minister remarked the activities being undertaken in the area of education would

   significantly help raise the number of skilled manpower and help attain economic development

   in the country.