University President and V/presidents submit resignation

University President and V/presidents submit resignation

The Reporter:  Wednesday,  December 11 ,2002

By a Staff Reporter

Prof. Eshetu Woncheko, the president of Addis Ababa University (AAU), along with his two deputies, Dr. Tetemke Mehari and Dr. Bute Gotu, submitted on Monday their letters of resignation to the Ministry of Education, it was learnt. According to sources close to the University, this action comes as a culmination of disagreement between the above three and officials of the Ministry with regard to issues related to the institution’s academic freedom. The bone of contention proved to be, they said, their differences on how to conduct teachers’ evaluation and whether and how to incorporate students in this process.

Among the other issues which have precipitated the present decision by the university officials is the fact that the government retracted its word to allow the institution its academic freedom.

According to the sources, these and other decisions of the government were deliberated upon by officials of higher institutions in the country when they recently met the Minister for Education W/o Guenet Zewde, in the resort town of Wondoguenet. While the officials of all the other institutions immediately accepted these decisions, the three officials of AAU asked permission to discuss the issues with their staff in the capital. The teachers at the campus then discussed the decisions on December 1 and 2, and rejected them outrightly.

It is also to be recalled that the Minister for Capacity Building, Ato Tefera Walwa, in an address he gave on Thursday to a meeting of the Administrative Board of Higher Institutions, said that the university’s “negative attitude towards the government has been a factor in its failure to execute the government’s plan.”

The three university officials are awaiting decision by the government on their request of resignation.

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