Ministry Accredits Seven Private Colleges

Ministry Accredits Seven Private Colleges


   Addis Ababa, July 18, 2001 (ENA)- The Ministry of Education says it has accredited seven

   private colleges over the past four years.


   Public relations office representative with the ministry, Girmay Hadgu, told ENA yesterday that

   Alpha Distance Education, Unity, Micro Link Information Technology, Africa Beza, Selam Nurses

   Training, Saint Mary and Royal were the colleges that earned recognition by the ministry.


   The colleges were given accreditation to offer diploma courses, he said, adding no private

   college has been acclaimed to provide degree programmes so far.


   The ministry was scrutinizing the requests of other private colleges for recognition, Girmay



   He said the ministry has also recognized two NGO-sponsored, three governmental and five

   state colleges in the reported period.