More People Test HIV Positive

More People Test HIV Positive


ADDIS ABABA, March 8 (WIC) Out of the over five-thousand people that visited the Yekatit 12

Hospital during this year for blood test in preparation for foreign travel, ten per cent tested HIV positive.

According to Sister Amete Tarekegne, the hospital's counselling services head, a total of 542 out of the

5,951 people that went to the hospital for test were found to be carriers of HIV virus, 515 of whom are

women and 27 men.


Sister Amete told WIC that AIDS is fast spreading in the country and that the mass media, religious

organizations, schools, youth associations, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations

have to mount concerted efforts to enhance the society's general awareness about AIDS.


Sister Amete also expressed regrets that some private clinics are unlawfully engaged in AIDS blood testing

and often tell patients that they are free from AIDS when the reverse is true. Meanwhile 38 people who

were told by such clinics that they are no virus carriers were found to be carriers after blood tests in Yekatit

12 Hospital, according to Dr. Asfaw Beyesa also of the hospital.