Student Enrollment Enhanced in Addis Ababa

Student Enrollment Enhanced in Addis Ababa through Expansion of Schools


Addis Tribune, September 1, 2000


By Our Staff Reporter


A number of educational establishments have been built or expanded in Addis Ababa over the past five years at a cost of 95 million birr, this allowing more space for student enrollment it was leant.


According to a report presented at the 16 th regular conference of the Addis Ababa Council, the Ethiopian Social

Rehabilitation and Development Fund has built about 400 classrooms in government and public schools at a cot of 40.8 million

birr benefiting more than 25,000 students while the Federal Government, in co-operation with the World Bank, has carried out the renovation and expansion of 33 schools at a cost of 55 million birr.


According to the report eight schools are under construction and when completed over 50,000 students are expected to be enrolled. Primary school education coverage in Addis Ababa has grown to 92 percent from 84 percent five years ago and the number of secondary school students have also increased to 39,800 from 16,900 five years ago, according to the report.