The Performance of Ethiopia's Educated Elite

Dear Belai and Abebe,

Thank you for responding to my comments.  As you all know the Ethiopian educated class has been very furious of the past. The rage was terrifying and still doesn't seem to subside.

Everyone of the past was judged for not doing enough to improve the living standard of our people. And hence, condemned as backward, good for nothing, and dismantled to rebuild a new, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia. Unless we are aiming to split atoms, there is nothing left to dismantle?  Everything is done and dusted. I suppose, that was the easiest part of the job.  When it coming to the hard part, no one has any idea how to rebuild a nation or improve the living standard of our people. In that respect, the performance of this elite class is abysmal. In fact it is very embarrassing.

As I said in my previous mail the life expectancy of our people is plummeting and the number of people under poverty line has been expanding with alarming rate. We have been told many times; even showing the horror of the people day and night, but no one seems to give a notice.

This glaring fact made me to say that there must be something wrong with us. Were did we get it wrong is a million dollar questions. Are we properly educated to build our nation or are we made to believe in social science fictions to keep our head above the cloud?

When Mengistu was in power, I thought, anyone with formal education could have done it better. My hope was firmly built on our educational system. As the time goes, the distinguishing factors between the educated Ethiopians and army sergeants have become very blurred. 

Metaphorically speaking, the difference between Sg. Legese Asfaw and Dawit Yohannes is only the taxpayer's money spent on the later than the former. Both believe in social science fiction such as, communism and strong leadership, owning the land and the national resource, arresting and torturing their opponents, swearing and condemning, dismantling and demolition. Both share the same view of the past but have no clue of the future. When it comes to knowledge of history Legesse would be better value for money. (No disrespect for Legesse for comparing him with Dawit. He must have done something worthwhile to climb from zero Aleka to HamSa Aleka/ Sergeant.)

Honestly speaking if we line up a highly educated men and women of the country along with the na´ve country men, no one could spot the difference in terms of performance. Anyone could have run better the ministry of education, the university or the economy. So where is the outcome of our educational investment in the past 50 years?

The only thing we can see is, the education system has only given Ethiopians elite a licence to talk about past cultural operation and yet to opt out for an English man suit and bow tie; to talk about language operation and cultural pride and yet teach insist on teaching our sons and daughters English only; to talk about democracy and yet first to difficult to accept criticism.  Of course the Ethiopian elites talks about splitting atoms, finite time, curved space and 11 dimensions but dream of creating a tribal homeland where they will liive with a full glory a chief.  I can go on to say more about our highly educated tribal lords and the depth of their hypocrisy, but that would be wasting your time.

So, once again, is it our educational system or is it our character that failed our people? How our country managed to have so many of us? What made a group of people without shared values and vision for future? How come that we do not agree on the past, present and future?

We must ask again and again why we have failed our people and country? It is time for inward looking. I picked the Ethiopian educational system because stastically speaking that is the common factor. 

Dr. Tekeste Negash for example was bold enough to say that the Ethiopia educational system has created  "a boundless hatred"  of our "country and society" Dr. Mesay also cautiously add to this criticism?  We need to ask all possible questions to get to the bottom of it, like the developed world. Again metaphorical speaking, it is not only who educated Dawit Yohannes, but also who created him could have created the biggest theological controversy, in the rest of the world. So lets talk about it.

Sadly, we have the highest number of very destructive people per educated class compared to any where in the world. It is for this reason that I do not see any improvement in the living standard of our country in the coming 20 years. Now, 30 million people are below poverty line and many more will join as the day goes by. Further poverty, further decline and further chaos are written on the wall, unless we see ourselves and try to reform our character to build a free society. 

Till next time please let's think about it.