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May, 2000

  • May 31, BBC- African economies 'in reverse'

  • May 22, Washington Post- What Eight Dollars Could Do for Africa

  • May 5, Addis Tribune- Globalization and Ethiopia Part 8: Corporate Vs State Power

  • May 2, Salon Mag- Silencing Joseph Stiglitz

    April, 2000

  • April 30, ENA- WB Former Economist Lauds Ethiopia's Socio-Economic Performance

  • April 21, Addis Tribune- Globalization and Ethiopia (part 7): Globalization of the Market Economy

  • April 19, Reuters- Critics say IMF and United States self-serving

  • April 18, Reuters-Annan Blasts 'Shameful' Imbalance in Globalization

  • April 18-Washington Post-Two Track Growth

  • April 16, Washington Post-Juliette Beck: Why We Are Protesting

  • April 16, Washington Post- Lawrence H. Summers: How to Help the Poor

  • April 16, NY Times- Global Storm for Lenders: Fund Comes Under Siege

  • April 15, AP-Developing Nations Support Protests

  • April 15, Washington Post- Hill Negotiator Clear Path for a Trade Bill

  • April 15, Reuters-Developing Countries to Fight 'Economic Apartheid'

  • April 14, BBC- Ethiopia: Is debt to blame?

  • April 14, Washington Post-Valid Questions on the New Economy

  • April 13, The Reporter (Ethiopia)- Prescribing the Wrong Pill Again

  • April 13, The Reporter (Ethiopia)-A Pipe Dream Indeed

  • April 13, NY Times- Castro Denounces Lenders at Meeting of Poor Nations

  • April 13, Washington Post- At IMF Headquarters

  • April 12, NY Times- Poor Countries Draft Proposal on Poverty

  • April 10, Washington Post- Joining Hands for Debt Relief

  • April 8, Washington Post- Rich Nations Warm to the Idea of Debt Relief

  • April 7, Addis Tribune- Globalization and Ethiopia (part 6): Democracy

  • April 5, NY Times- U.N. Says Bad Government is Often the Cause of Poverty

  • April 4, Reuters-EU, Africa find common ground on democracy

  • April 1, Addis Tribune- Globalization and Ethiopia -Part 5: Risk Involved in All Endeavors

  • April 1, Addis Tribune- Africa-Europe Summit to Be Held in Cairo

    March, 2000

  • March 28, NY Times- Africa: Aid or Harm

  • March 24, Addis Tribune- Globalization and Ethiopia (Part 4: The Family)

  • March 24, Addis Tribune- Ethiopia Conidering to Join WTO

  • March 17, Addis Tribune- Globalization and Ethiopia (Part 3: Electronic Communication Systems)

  • March 15, The Reporter (Ethiopia)-PANA-The Papers Are New ; Poverty Isn't

  • March 15, The Reporter (Ethiopia)-PANA-IMF, World Bank Say Suspension of Loans not Related to Conflict

  • March 13, WashingtonPost (Editorial) Rethinking Development

  • March 13, Washington Post- Limiting the Scope of the World Bank

  • March 11, Washington Post-The Professor, the Bank, and a McCain Sequel

  • March 10, Addis Tribune-Globalization and Ethiopia (Part 2)

  • March 9, NY Times(Editorial)-I.M.F and World Bank Blueprint

  • March 8, NY Times- Report Seeks Big Change in I.M.F. and World Bank

  • March 7, NY Times- Don't Punish Africa

  • March 3, Addis Tribune-Globalization and Ethiopia (Part 1)

    February, 2000

  • Feb 29, NY Times-U.S Stiffens its Opposition to European I.M.F. Choice

  • Feb 28, NY Times (Editorial)- The Next Leader of I.M.F

  • Feb 21, NY Times-Brazil Collides with I.M.F Over a Plan to Aid Poor

  • Feb 20, NY Times-U.N. Trade Meeting Brings Rich and Poor No Closer

  • Feb 19, BBC-Talks end with the plea for the poor

  • Feb 18, Addis Tribune-Globalization with a "Human Face" Urged

  • Feb 18, Addis Tribune- First Annual Report of Ethiopian Economy Published

  • Feb 18, BBC- Africa being "wiped off map"

  • Feb 15, Washington Post-World bank A market Place of Idea

  • Feb 13, BBC- IMF calls for world economic summit

  • Feb 13, NY Tmes-U.N. Chief Blames Rich Nations For Failure of Trade Talks

  • Feb 12, The Independent-Poor nations seek place at world trade table; protesters march

    January, 2000

  • Jan 30, BBC-Is the web wideninig the poverty gap?

  • Jan 30, NY Times: At Conference on Trade, Clinton Makes Pitch for Poor

  • Jan 26, Dejene Yirgu: Economic Reform and Development in Ethiopia

  • Jan 25, WIC-Official Stress Need to Work with Countries of Common Interest to Join WTO

  • Jan 19, Reuters-Analysis-New IMF plan could boost African growth

  • Jan18, Reuters- IMF's Camadessus Urges Africa to end poverty

  • Jan 18, BBC-Seeking Growth in Africa

  • Jan 17, Reuters- IMF Officials, African Leaders Start Gabon Meeting

  • Jan 17, BBC-IMF poverty conference opens in Libreville

  • Jan 9, NY Times- Welcome to the Internet, the First Global Colony

    December, 1999

  • Dec 21, BBC- Brown pledges 5bn pound debt waiver

  • Dec 20, BBC- Debt relief conditions 'killing children'

  • Dec 20, Washington Post-- Henry Kissinger: Making a Go of Globalization

  • Dec 20, NY Times- A Focused Role for the I.M.F

  • Dec 18, BBC-Campaigners hail UK debt deal

  • Dec 17, BBC- Britain writes off debt

  • Dec 17, Addis Tribune-Kebour Ghenna- Who Needs the WTO?

  • Dec 17, NY Times- Why India and Others See U.S. as Villain on Trade

  • Dec15, NY Times-New Vision of the IMF Is Proposed

  • Dec 5, NY Times-White House Miscalculation Led to Talks Without a Focus

  • Dec 5, NY Times- Seattle Talks on Trade End With Stinging Blow to US

  • Dec 4, NY Times- Trade Obstacles Unmoved, Seattle Talks End in Failure

  • Dec 5 The Independent(UK)- Seattle puts world trade on hold

  • Dec 4, The Independent(UK) - 'Incompetent' US condemned at trade talks

  • Dec 3, NY Times- U.S Effort to Add Labor Standards to Agenda Fails

  • Dec 3, NY Times-After Clinton's Push, Questions About Motive

    We recommend Chronicle of Higher Education's " Anthropological Defense of Child Labor" and Oxfam's "Loaded Against the Poor..." in Chora Highlights

  • Dec 2, NY Times-World Bank Economist Felt He Had to Silence Criticism or Quit

    November, 1999

  • Nov 30, Washington Post- Big Nongovernment

  • Nov 26, Washington Post-World Donors Ignore Signs of Promise in Sliver of Africa

  • Nov 25, NY Times-Outspoken Chief Economist Leaving World Bank

  • Nov 25,Washington Post Generosity Shrinking in an Age of Prosperity

  • Nov 12, Addis Tribune- Daniel Kendie's Africa's Obstacles to Development-II-

  • Nov 12, Washington Post- Congress Inaction Holds up Debt Relief

  • Nov 11, London Times-US Threatens intervention in race to lead the IMF

  • Nov 11, NY Times-U.S. May Bar Illicit Funds in Deposits for Foreigners

  • Nov 10, Washington Post-Voices of the Poor

  • Nov 10, NY Times-Longtime I.M.F. Director Resigns in Midterm

  • Nov 10, NY Times-Citigroup Head Concedes Laundering Controls Were Poor

  • Nov 8, NY Times-Hearings Offer View into Private Banking

  • Nov 7, Washington Post-Senate Panels Look at Citigroup's Secret Transfers

  • Nov 6, Washington Post (Editorial) Aid and Debt

  • Nov 6, NY Times-House Approves Aid Bill but Some Call It Inadequate

  • Nov 5, Daniel Kindie-Addis Tribune- Africa's Obstacles to Development

  • Nov 5, NY Times- Giving In on Foreign Aid Bill, G.O.P. Finds an Election Issue

  • Nov 5, NY Times-Panel to Focus on Citigroup and Bank Deposits by Africans

  • Nov 4, NY Times-Senate Passes Trade Bills for Carribean and Africa

  • Nov3, Washington Post-Debt Relief: A Fresh Start

  • Nov 3, NY Times- Senate Backs Lower Import Tax on Africa and Carribean Goods

  • Nov 3, NY Times- Bill Would Bar Drug Dumping of Inappropriate Drugs in World Crisis

    October, 1999

  • Oct 30, Washington Post-S. African Blacks Sink in a Sea of Debt

  • Oct 30, NY Times-Impasse in Senate Delays Action on Africa-Caribbean Trade Bills

  • Oct 29, NY Times-Nigeria Gets US Help but Bigger plan for Africa Snags

  • Oct 28, The Reporter-Lending repression

  • Oct 28, The Reporter-Bureaucratic autopilot

  • Oct 28, BBC-Clinton backs Nigeria debt relief

  • Oct 28, Washington Post-For Africa Trade and Aid

  • Oct 26, The Monitor-If Africa is left outside

  • Oct 25, NY Times-US and Africa-Unfulfilled Promises and Skepticism

  • Oct 22, Addis Tribune- Editorial-African Development Forum- It's not a hopeless dream

  • Oct 22, Addis Tribune- Haile and International Agencies express readiness to eradicate poverty in Ethiopia

  • Oct 22, Addis Tribune-Ethiopia's Prime Minister will open the ADF '99 Forum

  • WIC-UNDP Official Calls upon Int'l Community to Fight against Poverty

  • Oct 13- The Reporter-Public Expenditure Review 1999

  • Oct 5, The Monitor-Shouldn't Ethiopia Revise Her Agenda?

  • Oct 4, Washington Post-Relief for The Poor
    Support the President's recommendation. Write and call your local, district and state representative(s): The poor and the children of the Third World need a break.
  • Oct 4, New York Times- Unburdening the Third World

    September, 1999

  • Sept 30, NY Times- Clinton Widens Plan for Poor Debtor Nations

  • Sept 28,- BBC-Debt deal gather momentum

  • Sept 23- The Monitor-Devaluation of the Birr

  • Sept 19, -NY Times- Debt Relief Promised, But who Pays the Bill?

    August, 1999

  • August 12, The Reporter-When Sinners Become Arbiters

  • 250 Billion Dollars Needed...

  • Debt Conference

  • African Americans For Aid To Africa

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