Africa – Europe Summit to be Opened

Africa – Europe Summit to be Opened  in Cairo Monday


Addis Tribune- (04/01/00)By Our Staff Reporter


An Africa-Europe summit will be opened in Cairo on 3-4 April, 2000 under the aegis of the Organization of African Unity

(OAU) and the European Union (EU).


Ethiopian delegates are expected to leave for Cairo today to attend the summit with several African and European heads of

states. Portugal initiated the idea four years ago, but it was not carried out due to Morocco’s seclusion case, though now it has

been assured that Morocco will participate.


This summit is considered to be historic and the first of its kind. Moreover, before April 3, two consultation meetings will be

held in Brussels and Lisbon. At the summit, sources said, three major issues will be discussed: Socio-economic, political and

developmental. Under the socio-economic issue, African economic integration into the world economy will be discussed.

Under the political agenda, democracy, human rights, peace-making and conflict-prevention will be discussed. Regarding

development, education, health including HIV/AIDS and environment will be discussed.


In addition to bilateral cancellation of debts by concerned countries, the EU is expected to announce loan forgiveness of 1

billion euros to Africa, 680 million euros in Trust Fund for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) and 320 million euros

owed by the Community.


Previously, when Portugal initiated the idea it was to discuss politics but the OAU insisted on adding economic issues.


In bringing the Summit to fruition, the Algerian presidency and secretariat of OAU has played a key role.