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AIDS/HIV: Africa Under Siege-Archive

December, 1999

  • Dec 27, The Reporter- Lethal Allies

  • Dec 16, NY Times- A Prominent Family Gives One More Face to AIDS in Africa

  • Dec 15, Open Letter to the U.S. Black Religous, Intellectual, and Religious Leadership Regarding AIDS and the Sexual Holocaust in Africa

  • Dec 15, Preliminary Recommendations and Call for African Constituencies to Fight Against AIDS

  • Dec 12, Washington Post-Aids Plants Crops of Death in Africa

  • Dec 10, Addis Tribune- Partnership to Fight Aids in Africa Launched in UN

  • Dec 10, WIC- AIDS Control Office Established

  • Dec 8, The Reporter (PANA)- PANA- AIDS: The Moral Sore

  • Dec 8, Seven Days Update (PANA)- Living With AIDS in Ethiopia

  • Dec 6, NY Times- Mozambique Enlists Healers in Aids Prevention

  • Dec 5, NY Times- AIDS, the Worsening Catastrophe

  • Dec 4, Washington Post- African AID Victims Losers of a Drug War

  • Dec 3, Addis Tribune- Saving the Young- The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

  • Dec 3, WIC- Five Year HIV/AIDS Prevention Control Programme Formulated

  • Dec 3, WIC- 50 Orphaned Children by AIDS Receive Schooling

  • Dec 2, WIC- HIV/AIDS No More a Hush-hush Affair: Ali Abdo

  • Dec 2, NY Times- UN Issues Grim Report on the 11 Million Children Orphaned by AIDS

  • Dec 2, BBC-Aids in Kenya: A social disease

  • Dec 2, BBC- HIV warning for Nigeria

  • Dec 2, BBC-UN highlights AIDS orphans

  • Dec 1, President Says Gov't Committed to Anti-Hiv/AIDS Campaign

    November, 1999

  • Nov 27, Washington Post- Editorial-AIDS Ascendant

  • Nov 27, WIC- Patriarch Highlights Role of Religious Leaders in HIV-Control

  • Nov 26- BBC- Rich countries "hinder fight against AIDS"

  • Nov 26-BBC-Moi: AIDS a national disaster

  • Nov 25, NY Times- Safety of Common AIDS Drug Questioned in South Africa

  • Nov 24,BBC-Mixed Responses to Africa's Aids Epidemic

  • Nov 23-BBC-HIV hits 50 million

  • Nov 22- WIC-HIV Cases in Harari State Said Alarmingly High

  • Nov 17, Seven Days Update-Fighting for Life

  • Nov 16, The Monitor-An Amateur's Review of the New Ethiopian Drama About AIDS: Morning Dew

  • Nov 14, WIC-More People Test HIV Positive

  • Nov 12, Addis Tribune-Ethiopians Vow to Conquer AIDS

  • Nov 11, WIC-Gov't Vows to Fight HIV/AIDS

  • Nov 10, WIC-Aids Prevention Committees Give Public Orientation on AIDS

  • Nov 10, PANA- Science Awareness Said to be Lacking in Rural Ethiopia

  • Nov 10, WIC- PLWA Urge Public to Be Cautious Against AIDS/HIV

  • Nov 9, The Monitor-Measuring Effectiveness

  • Nov 8, WIC-President Negasso's Address to the First International Conference on AIDS in Addis

  • Nov 7, WIC- The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Stages Rally to Fight against HIV/AIDS

  • Nov 6, The Monitor-Living in the Shadow of Fear

  • Nov 6, WIC- Ethiopian Orthodox Church to Mobilize 500,000 Strong Clergy to Fight Against AIDS/HIV

  • Nov 6, IH Tribune-Studies on AIDS See Circumcision Lowering Risk

  • Nov 5-Addis Tribune -Editorial: HIV/AIDS Ethiopia's New Killer

  • Nov 1, WIC- EOC-Organised Conference on AIDS to Open Here Saturday

    October, 1999

  • Oct 30, WIC-Concerted Efforts Needed for Fighting AIDS: Workshop

  • Oct 29, WIC-UNICEF Says Jounalists Fail to Break Silence on HIV/AIDS

  • Oct 28- Reuters-Teen prostitutes fuel AIDS in Addis-doctor

  • Oct 22, Addis Tribune-HIV/AIDS Awarness Musical Concert and Play

  • Oct 21, WIC- 149 out of 605 Persons Test HIV-Positive

  • Oct 21, BBC-Zambia's orphaned generation

  • Oct 20, WIC-AIDS Examination Equipment not yet Functional

  • Oct 19, The Monitor-People with AIDS-Living to Save

  • Oct 14, HIV/AIDS prevention activities in Amahara state

  • Oct 4, BBC-AIDS and the Company

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