University Launches research on vegetable, fruit varieties

University Launches research on vegetable, fruit varieties


Alemaya, November 30 (WIC)- The Alemaya University has reportedly launched research

   on 33 of the 370 species of vegetables and fruits it collected for the purpose.


   Coordinator of the Vegetables and Fruits Improvement Programme with the University, Yibekal

   Alemayehu, told WIC that the University was conducting the research with the view to

   securing high yielding and disease -resistant varieties.


   According to him, the research, to be undertaken for the coming two years, would be

   conducted on 16 species of carrot, 13 species of tomatoe and four species of cauliflower.


   Yibekal said that the programme had also recorded commendable results in a trial application

   of production preservation technology.


   Meanwhile, the Jimma Zone Agriculture Department disclosed that it has discovered a

   chemical that would curb coffee disease.


   The Department said the disease has been affecting coffee grains for the past ten years.


   The Department noted that the disease can also be contained by incinerating the coffee plant

   affected by the disease.