Alemaya University Launches Research on Herbal Medicine



 Alemaya University Launches Research on Herbal Medicine


   Alemaya, December 11, 2001 (WIC)- The Alemaya University said it has launched research

   on herbs used by peasants in Eastern Ethiopia for the traditional treatment of people and



   Animal Science Research Team Leader with the University, Driba Dibor, told WIC that the

   University in cooperation with the East Hararghe zonal Natural Resource Department has in

   the past five months alone collected the necessary data and information on herbal medicine

   from 400 peasant traditional veterinarians.


   The data and information gathered from the peasants included kinds of herbs prevalent in the

   area, the herbal chemistry they use and the types of diseases the herbal medicines are

   prescribed for.


   He said research will start in earnest after completing the collection of herb specimens within

   the coming six months, and that once the herbal medicines are proven to conform with the

   required medical standard the peasant herbalists will be issued with patent rights.