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Ethiopian Alumni and African Students Websites-Under Construction

"The problem of Africa is a wide and diversified one. But its true solution lies in the application of one principle, namely, the right of a people to rule themselves."

Kwame Nkrumah -Speech to the United Nations, 1960


  • African Association Madison

  • The African Student Association of The University of Tennessee

  • ASAAD-Association For Students of African Descent at Simon Fraser University

  • CASA-Cornell African Students Association

  • GTASA African Students Association at the Georgia Institute of Technology

  • East African Alumni Association

  • International African Students Association


  • Stanford African Students Association

  • [Coming Soon]Iowa State University African Student Association

  • West Virginia African Students'Association


  • AAU Alumni Network

  • Admas-Association of Ethiopian Students of Former Soviet Union

  • Arbaminch Water Technology Institute Alumni

  • Atlanta-Ethiopian Students Association

  • Ethiopian Students Association at Berkeley

  • Black Lion High School (Addis Ababa)

  • Dallas-Ethiopian Students Association

  • Ethiopian Students Union-International

  • Ethiopian Students' Association of Leuven (ESAL)

  • Fassiledes High School Alumni

  • Greek Community High School (Addis Ababa)

  • Harer Medhane-Alem, Junior H.S. & TTI

  • International Community School-Addis Ababa

  • Lycee G/Mariam-Addis Ababa

  • Minilik II High School AA community

  • Montgomery College- Ethiopian Students Association

  • North Carolina- Ethiopian Students Association

  • Alliance of Ethiopian Students at Ohio

  • Texas Divison of ESA International

  • University of Maryland-Ethiopian Students Association

  • University of Massachusetts-Ethiopian Students Association

  • University of Minnesota-Ethiopian Students Association

  • Nativity- Catholic Cathedral School

  • Nazareth School-Addis Ababa

  • Sandford English Community School-Addis Ababa

  • Stanford Ethiopian Student Union

  • St.Joseph School-Addis Ababa

  • St. Joseph 1985-Graduates Page

  • Stuttgart University (Germany)- Ethiopian Students Association

  • YETEFAW MEKONEN- Tefri Mekonen High School Alumni

  • Texas- Ethiopian Students Association

  • Virginia Commonwealth University-Ethiopian Students Association

  • ESA at University of Windsor

  • Miscellany

  • Association of African Women Scholars

  • Association of Concerned African Scholars

  • Ethiopia & Eritrea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

  • The National (USA) Association of Graduate-Professional Students

  • Young Ethiopian Professionals in the US

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