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August, 2001

  • August 30, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation: International Leadership Awards

    Developing nations face the challenge of controlling the continuing devastation of the HIV epidemic with a paucity of human and financial resources. Due to limited fiscal resources, scarce educational opportunities, inadequate infrastructure and civil or international conflicts there are relatively few trained individuals with resources to perform research, and perhaps more importantly, to translate research advances into clinical and public health practice in developing countries...

  • August 21, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships 2002:03

    Are you interested in the interaction of science, technology, and government in the United States and around the world? Would you like to work in Washington, DC, to learn firsthand how the federal government operates and to help make decisions that result in national public policy? If you have a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree in the social, physical, or biological sciences, or are an engineer with a master’s degree and three years of professional experience, you are eligible to apply for AAAS’s one-year Science and Technology Policy Fellowships...

  • August 20, NSF: MPS International Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

    The Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a special opportunity for postdoctoral investigators to conduct research projects abroad as MPS Distinguished International Postdoctoral Research Fellows (MPS-DRF). The objective of this activity is to provide talented recent doctoral recipients in the mathematical and physical sciences an effective means of establishing international collaborations in the early stages of their careers, thereby facilitating and enhancing connections between the U.S. science and engineering community and its international counterparts. By providing the resources needed to establish collaborations with potential for long-term impact, this activity is aimed at recognizing and supporting future leaders. As the scientific enterprise becomes increasingly global, there is a growing need for scientists who will excel and provide leadership in such an environment...

  • August 8, The Center for Field Research (Research Affiliate of the Earthwatch Institute: Call for Proposals in Folklore and Oral History

    Earthwatch Institute supports both basic and applied research. We welcome proposals for research in any country from scientists of any nationality. The project must have scientific merit, and feasibly and constructively involve non-specialist Earthwatch volunteers in the research tasks...

  • August 7, AAUW Educational Foundation Fellowships and Grants

    American Fellowships support women doctoral candidates completing dissertations or scholars seeking funds for postdoctoral research leave from accredited institutions. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of scholarly excellence, teaching experience, and active commitment to helping women and girls through service in their communities, professions, or fields of research...

  • August 2, The Three Guineas Fund

    The Three Guineas Fund welcomes projects that create access to opportunity for women and girls, especially in education and the economy. Organizations with 501(c)3, federal tax exempt status, or a fiscal agent with that status, may apply for funds. Individuals are not eligible for funding. We place no geographical restrictions on eligibility for funding...

  • Agust 2, The MacArthur Fellows Program

    The MacArthur Fellows Program awards unrestricted fellowships to talented individuals who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits, and a marked capacity for self-direction. There are three criteria for selection of Fellows: exceptional creativity, promise for important future advances based on a track record of significant accomplishment, and potential for the fellowship to facilitate subsequent creative work...

    July, 2001

  • July 26, SSRC: International Dissertation Field Research Fellowships (IDRF)

    The International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship (IDRF) Program provides support for social scientists and humanists to conduct dissertation field research in all areas and regions of the world. The program will award up to 50 fellowships in 2002. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provides the funds for this program. The fellowships will enable doctoral candidates of proven achievement and outstanding potential to use their knowledge of distinctive areas, cultures, languages, economies, polities and historical experiences, in combination with their disciplinary training, to address issues that transcend their disciplines or area specializations. ...

  • July 26, NSF: International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

    The objective of the International Research Fellowship Program is to introduce scientists and engineers in the early stages of their careers to opportunities abroad, thereby furthering NSF's goal of establishing productive, mutually-beneficial relationships between U.S. and foreign science and engineering communities. These awards are available for research in any field of science and engineering research and education supported by NSF. Foreign science or engineering centers and other centers of excellence in all geographical regions are eligible host institutions...

  • July 26, ASM: The William A.Hinton Research Training Award

    Purpose of the Award: Honors outstanding contributions toward fostering the research training of underrepresented minorities in microbiology. Given in memory of William A. Hinton, a physician research scientist and one of the first African-Americans to join the Society..

  • July 20, The Center for Field Research

    A private nonprofit organization, CFR is served by an international advisory board of respected scientific and humanities scholars. The Center's role is to create a public offering of significant research that addresses scientific, environmental, and public policy problems and issues...We welcome proposals from advanced scholars of any nationality, covering any geographic region. Applicants intending to conduct research in foreign countries should include host-country nationals in their research staffs. All Earthwatch projects are conducted in English...


    The Fellowships on Conflict, Peace, and Social Transformations are designed to advance collaboration and innovative research on underlying causes and conditions of conflict and insecurity. The fellowships will be awarded to scholars, doctoral students and practitioners (such as nongovernmental and multilateral organization professionals, journalists, lawyers, activists and other professionals)...

  • July 18, The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

    The purpose of The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans is to provide opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields. The Program is established in recognition of the contributions New Americans have made to American life and in gratitude for the opportunities the United States has afforded the donors and their family... The completed application must be postmarked by November 30, 2001.

  • July 16, Humboldt Foundation:Georg Foster Fellowship

    Research fellowships are offered on an international competitive basis. Scholars from developing countries (except for Egypt, Korea, Turkey, India and the PR of China) may apply. There are no quotas in respect of either country or academic discipline. However, since fellowships are designed to promote the transfer of knowledge and methods and to contribute to further development in fellows' home-countries, they are focussed on humanities and social sicences, political science and economics, projects in the public health sector and in the fields of agriculture, forestry and geosciences, and interdisciplinary projects relating to environmental and resource protection. Up to 25 research fellowships are available per annum...

  • July 16, Humboldt Research Fellowships for Post-docs resident

    The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) enables highly qualified scholars resident outside Germany who hold doctorates to carry out research projects of their own choice in Germany (age limit: 40 years). Applications may be submitted for long-term research stays of between 6 and 12 months. Short-term study tours, participation in conferences or educational visits cannot be funded.


    The purpose of the Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (MSPRF) is to permit participants to choose research environments that will have maximal impact on their future scientific development. There will be two options for awardees: Research Fellowship and Research Instructionship. Awards will be made for appropriate research in areas of the mathematical sciences, including applications to other disciplines...

  • July 7, Department of State-Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Request for Grant Proposals: Education for Development and Democracy:U.S.-Africa Governance Partnerships

    The Near East/South Asia/Africa Division of the Office of Citizen Exchanges, of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) announces an open competition to build and strengthen U.S.-Africa partnerships in the government sector. U.S.-based public and private non-profit organizations meeting the provisions described in IRS regulation 26 CFR 1.501(c) may submit proposals to conduct international exchange programs. Grants are subject to the availability of funds under the Education for Development and Democracy Initiative...

  • July 3, CDC: Global Malaria Prevention and Control Notice of Availability of Funds

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces the availability of fiscal year (FY) 2001 funds for a cooperative agreement program for Global Malaria Prevention and Control. This program addresses the "Healthy People 2010" focus areas of Immunization and Infectious Diseases. The purpose of the program is to expand the involvement of organizations in the global Roll Back Malaria (RBM) effort and to foster endemic-country action in malaria prevention and control program implementation and the relevant ancillary activities (e.g., baseline evaluation, strategy development, training, monitoring and evaluation, focused operations research to further the program implementation). See Attachment 2 for more background information...

    June, 2001

  • June 29, Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education

    Through the Foundation’s Dissertation Fellowship Program, approximately 35 non-renewable fellowships of $20,000 are awarded each year. The Dissertation Fellowship Program seeks to encourage a new generation of scholars from a wide range of disciplines and professional fields to undertake research relevant to education. The Foundation believes that insights from many research traditions can contribute to an understanding of education as a fundamental human endeavor and advance our ability to address significant current issues in education. Therefore, the Spencer Dissertation Fellowships support individuals whose dissertations show potential for bringing fresh and constructive perspectives to the history, theory, or practice of formal or informal education anywhere in the world. ..

  • June 27, The American Philosphical Society: Daland Fellowships in Clinical Investigations

    The American Philosophical Society awards a limited number of Daland Fellowships in Clinical Investigation for research in the several branches of clinical medicine, including internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery. For the purposes of this award, the committee emphasizes patient-oriented research...

  • June 27, UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training-Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics Programme Grant to develop research and training centres / networks in Africa, Asia and Latin America

    The UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) invites universities, research institutions and research organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to apply for bioinformatics programme grants to develop training centres and networks in bioinformatics and applied genomics...

  • June 26, Fogarty International: International Tobacco and Health Research and Capacity Building Program

    This new program supports trans-disciplinary research and capacity building projects that address the burden of tobacco consumption in low- and/or middle-income nations by 1) pursuing observational, intervention and policy research of local importance and 2) building capacity in these region in epidemiological and behavioral research, prevention, treatment, communications, health services and policy research. Both research and capacity building must be included in all applications...

  • June 24, United States of Peace Fellowships

    The Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace awards Senior Fellowships and Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowships to enable outstanding scholars, policymakers, journalists, and other professionals to conduct research on important issues concerning international conflict and peace.The program disseminates knowledge from these projects within the Institute and among policymakers, and it works closely with the Institute's Press to publish the products of fellows' research. Named for the former United States Senator from West Virginia, whose efforts over four decades helped establish the Institute, the Jennings Randolph Program has awarded over 200 fellowships since 1987...

    May, 2001

  • May 19, ASME Graduate Teaching Fellowships

    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Graduate Teaching Fellowship Program was established to encourage outstanding graduate students, especially women and minorities, to pursue the doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and encourage engineering education as a profession. Fellowship awards will be made for a maximum of two years. The amount of the stipend ($5,000 initially) are reviewed and approved annually by the ASME Board on Engineering Education in cooperation with the ASME Foundation...

  • May 15, Primary Sponsor: Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

    Topic: TDR Research Capability Strengthening Grant Research and Development: to improve existing and develop new approaches for preventing, diagnosing, treating, and controlling neglected infectious diseases which are applicable, acceptable and affordable by developing endemic countries, which can be readily integrated into the health services of these countries, and which focus on the health problems of the poor...

  • May 15, Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

    TDR Capability Strengthening Grant for Malaria Research in Africa The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) is an independent global programme of scientific collaboration. Established in 1975 and co- sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), it aims to help coordinate, support and influence global efforts to combat a portfolio of major diseases of the poor and disadvantaged...

    April, 2001

  • April 19, Population Council: Reproductive Biomedicine Fellowships

    The Population Council offers fellowships to persons who wish to pursue advanced study in the physiology and biochemistry of reproduction. Fellows train in the laboratories of the Council's Center for Biomedical Research, located on the campus of the Rockefeller University. Eligibility Candidates must have successfully completed an advanced degree-M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent-and be proficient in English. Applications may be made in anticipation of receiving the doctoral degree, but the fellowship cannot begin until after the degree has been awarded. Fellowships are open to individuals of all countries. If the applicant is other than a United States citizen and enters this country on a Population Council-sponsored J-1 visa, s/he must have a strong commitment to return to her/his own country upon completion of the fellowship...

  • April 18, The American Philosophical Society-Franklin Research Grants for Scholarly research

    The American Philosophical Society makes grants towards the cost of scholarly research in all areas of knowledge except those in which support by government or corporate enterprise is more appropriate. "Scholarly research," as the term is used here, covers most kinds of scholarly inquiry by individuals leading to publication. It does not include journalistic or other writing for general readership; the preparation of textbooks, casebooks, anthologies, or other materials for use by students; or the work of creative and performing artists... Applicants may be residents of the United States, or American citizens resident abroad. Foreign nationals whose research can only be carried on in the United States are eligible. Institutions are not eligible to apply....


    The National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellowship for Minority Students will provide up to five years of support for research training leading to the Ph.D. or equivalent research degree; the combined M.D./Ph.D. degree; or other combined professional degree and research doctoral degree in the biomedical, behavioral sciences, or health services research. These fellowships are designed to enhance the racial and ethnic diversity of the biomedical, behavioral, and health services research labor force in the United States. Accordingly, academic institutions are encouraged to identify and recruit students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups who can apply for this fellowship. Support is NOT available for individuals enrolled in medical or other professional schools UNLESS they are also enrolled in a combined professional doctorate/Ph.D. degree program in biomedical, behavioral, or health services research...

  • April 16, SSRC: African Youth in a Global Age

    The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), in partnership with South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), is pleased to announce a new program for research and training on African Youth in a Global Age. The theme for the first year of the program is Youth Violence, Activism, and Citizenship. Applications are invited from junior researchers, whether academics, practitioners, or independent researchers. The fellowship includes support for field research and participation in a pre and post-field work workshops. Approximately eight to ten fellowships will be awarded this year. ...

    March, 2001

  • March 27, Wenner-Gren Foundation: International Collaborative Research Grants

    International Collaborative Research grants for amounts up to $30,000 are available to assist anthropological research projects undertaken jointly by two (or more) investigators from different countries. These grants are renewable for a second period of research. The purpose of the program is to encourage collaborations in which the principal investigators bring different and complementary perspectives, knowledge, and/or skills. Projects must involve at least one principal investigator from outside the United States, Canada or Western Europe. Both investigators must meet the qualification for Regular Grants (i.e., holding the doctorate or equivalent in anthropology or a related discipline)..

  • March 20, NIH- Predoctoral Fellowship Awards For Minority Students

    The National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellowship for Minority Students will provide up to five years of support for research training leading to the Ph.D. or equivalent research degree; the combined M.D./Ph.D. degree; or other combined professional degree and research doctoral degree in the biomedical, behavioral sciences, or health services research. These fellowships are designed to enhance the racial and ethnic diversity of the biomedical, behavioral, and health services research labor force in the United States...

  • March 20, National Science Foundation- Graduate Research Fellowships

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) aims to ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science, mathematics, and engineering in the United States and to reinforce its diversity. The NSF will award approximately 900 new three-year Graduate Fellowships, including awards offered for women in engineering and computer and information science.1 Continuing a long history of program success, NSF Fellows contribute significantly to research, teaching, and industrial applications in science, mathematics, and engineering...

  • March 17, Baltimore Gas and Electric Scholarship Programs

    Students selected for BGE scholarships are provided tuition assistance, challenging summer work assignments and the opportunity to gain valuable work experiences. Students must be Maryland residents and enrolled in full-time Engineering or Computer Science studies at one of the noted colleges/universities...

  • March 14, CIC/GE: Predoctoral Fellowship Program in the Sciences and Engineering

    The Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) awards five CIC/GE Predoctoral Fellowships in the Sciences and Engineering to underrepresented minorities each year. The CIC/GE Predoctoral Fellowship Program provides a stipend of $15,000, full tuition, and all standard fees for the first academic year of graduate work toward the Ph.D. The CIC university attended by each Fellow will provide funding for at least three additional years if the Fellow makes normal degree progress...


    Minority undergraduates are invited to apply for a summer program designed to prepare them for graduate study and faculty careers. Through the SROP students work on a research project guided by a faculty mentor and have the opportunity to explore a topic of interest at one of fifteen host CIC universities. Special educational enrichment activities such as workshops and social gatherings are also scheduled during the summer.

  • March 12, NIH- The NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program offers scholarship awards to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to careers in biomedical research. The program is sponsored by the NIH, one of the world's foremost centers for biomedical research and research training. The scholarships pay for tuition and reasonable educational and living expenses up to $20,000 per academic year. In return, recipients are obligated to serve as paid employees in NIH research laboratories during the summer and after graduation. In addition to financial assistance, the scholarship program offers invaluable training and mentoring, as well as practical experience in a state-of-the art research setting...

  • March 6, OSI Baltimore/ Community Fellowship program - Class IV

    The Open Society Institute (OSI) established the Community Fellowship Program to assist individuals wishing to apply their educational and professional attainments in service to disadvantaged communities. The goal of these fellowships is to encourage public and community service careers, expand the number of mentors and role models available to youth in inner-city neighborhoods, and promote initiatives and entrepreneurship that will empower those communities to increase opportunities and improve the quality of life for their residents...

  • March 6, Alpha One Foundation: 2001 Young Investigator Fellowship Awards

    The Alpha One Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of up to two postdoctoral fellowships for studies in the basic science or clinical investigation of Alpha1-Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency…Candidates must have at least one year of research experience, an MD, PhD or equivalent degree, and perform the work under the guidance of an established investigator. The award is intended primarily for salary support. Please note that the award is not limited to US citizens and funding is anticipated to begin June 30, 2001...

  • March 1, HRL-NPSC's Ongoing Fellowship Program

    NPSC is an organization of leading universities, national laboratories and corporations that provides scholarly and a career paths to selected students. The NPSC is dedicated to increasing the existing pool of Ph.D.'s and directs special emphasis toward the recruitment of minority and female students. The NPSC offers a unique six-year doctoral fellowship program in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, geology, material science, mathematical sciences, physics and their sub-disciplines...

  • Feb 27, RSNA: International Radiology Program Educational Grant To "Teach the Teachers" from Emerging Nations

    Purpose: To provide an opportunity for scientists and physicians in the radiologic sciences in developed countries to use or develop educational materials specifically to "teach the teachers" in emerging countries who will return to their respective countries to improve clinical practice and education in the radiological sciences.

    February, 2001

  • Feb 27, PRESIDENT'S POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM: Fellowship Programs for Diversity

    The University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established in 1984 to encourage outstanding women and minority Ph.D. recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California. The current President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is open to all qualified candidates who are committed to university careers in research, teaching, and service that will enhance the diversity of the academic community at the University of California. For fellowships in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Professions, the program will prefer candidates whose research emphasizes issues such as diversity, multi-culturalism and communities underserved by traditional academic research. For fellowships in Math, Engineering, Life Science and Physical Science, the program will prefer candidates who have participated in teaching, mentoring or outreach programs that promote educational opportunities for underrepresented students in higher education...

  • Feb 7, Robert D. Watkins Minority Graduate Fellowship

    The goal of the fellowship is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities completing doctoral degrees in the microbiological sciences. The total stipend is for three years at $15,000 per annum and cannot be used for tuition and fees.

  • Feb 7, Wenner-Gren Foundation: Individual Research Grants Program

  • Feb 6, NASA Earth System Science Fellowship Program

  • Feb 6, AGI Minority Geoscience Student Scholarships

  • February 4, Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarships (CSEMS)

  • February 2, The Bedding Plants Foundation, Inc.

    January, 2001

  • January 29, Initiative for Minority Students: Bridges to the Baccalaureate

    September, 2000

  • Sept 28, Wenner Gren Foundation: Grants and Fellowships for Research in Anthropology

  • Sept 27, Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowships, 2001-2002
  • SSRC-Sept 26, International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship Program

  • Sept 15, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Office of Grants and Special Programs

  • Sept 15, Humane Studies Fellowships

  • Sept 13, AAUW-Graduate Fellowships for Women in Architecture,Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics


    August, 2000

    June, 2000

    January, 2000

  • Jan 4, Fulbright Announces More Lecturing/Researching Awards for Ethiopia for 2000-2001

    December, 1999

  • Dec 14, Dissertation Fellowships- Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

  • Dec 14, Pediatric Scientist Development Program-AMSPDC

  • Dec 11, Young Scientists Summer Program

  • Dec 11, City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage-Kowi

  • Dec 9,- Sustainable Management and Quality of Water-Kowi

    November, 1999

  • Nov 30, Burroughs-Wellcome Fund Awards

  • Nov 27, Graduate Fellowships- Institute of Textile Technology

  • Nov 24, Grants for Underrepresented Minority Scientists in Digestive Diseases

  • Nov 24, Minority Fellowship Program-APA

  • Nov 24, NIH-Minority International Research training Grants-NIH

  • Nov 23,Postdocoral Programs- FERMILAB

  • Nov 16, Association for Women in Science Educational Awards

  • Nov 16, Postdoctoral Fellowships-Carnegie Institution of Washington

  • Nov 12, Fellowships-NFID

  • Nov 12, 2000-2001 Herman Goldstein Fellowships in Mathematical Sciences

  • Nov 11, American Association for Advancement of Sciences

  • Nov 11, Lucent Technologies Foundation and Bell Laboratories Fellowship Programs

  • Nov 6, Predoctoral & Postdoctoral Fellowships-Woodson Institute at UVA

  • Nov 6, Humane Studies Fellowships-Institute For Humane Studies

  • Nov 6, Bannerman Fellowship Program

  • Nov 6, National Institute on Drug Abuse-International Visiting Scientists and Exchange Program

  • Nov 6, 2000-20001 Fellowships Program-Dibner institute

  • Nov 4, Research Fellowships- Wildlife Conservation Society

  • Nov 4, Research Grants-George Gund Foundation

  • Nov 2, Community Involvement Grants-GTECH

    October, 1999

  • Oct 31, 2000-20001 International Fellowships-AAUW Educational foundation

  • Oct 31, Fellowships-The Brookings Institution

  • Oct 31, Social Change Technical Assistance Grants-Common Council Foundation

  • Oct 31, Grants-National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance

  • Oct 25, Individual project Fellowships-Open Society Institute

  • Oct 25, Fellowships-The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

  • Oct 25, Dissertation Fellowship-Wodrow Wilson Nat'l Fellowship Foundation

    Sept, 1999

    August, 1999

    August 6, 1999- Two weeks ago we posted that Mr. Giovanni Ruffini, Assistant to the the Crown Council, has confirmed to Chora that the Council had mailed acceptance letters to fifteen Ethiopian scholarship recipients and that the Council is waiting for their replies. We also added that these scholarships would enable the selected Ethiopian students to study at the University of PACEM, reportedly located about an hour's drive from Dallas, Texas. However, since we were unable to locate "PACEM University" anywhere in the US, we opted to remove the news after a few days. We have now learned that both Prince Ermias Haile Selassie and Mr. Ruffini have confirmed to the responsible authorities in Addis that the intended scholarships are for La Roche College in Pennsylvania. Informed sources also tell us that four students have already started processing their applications. We are pleased with this news. We would also like to congratulate the parents and the scholarships recipients: Adibar Tikebalchehu!!

    July, 1999

    July 12, 1999- Informed sources say that the Addis Ababa University, the Gettysburg Institute and Cornell University are finalizing an agreement to train 15 US students in Ethiopia. The program will start on June 1, 1999 and will last until July 15, 1999. The six weeks intensive courses will focus on the history of Ethiopian civilization, Ethiopic writing, and an Introduction to African religion with a special concentration on Ethiopian Christianity. The informed sources also say that the courses had been already reviewed and approved by the institutions. Dr Cecil C.Gray, Dr. Ayele Bekerie and Dr. Daniel R. DeNicola will lead the training program.

    July 7, 1999- 13 Ethiopians are currently enrolled at various United World Colleges (UWC) in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Norway, and South Africa. This coming fall, six additional promising and needy students from Ethiopian public(government)schools are expected to attend the various UWC colleges. We are very grateful for this assistance. We encourage Ethiopians to visit the website of our friends at UWC.

    June, 1999

  • June 10, Harvard Honors Professor Ephrem Yishak With A Scholarship Award in His Name

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