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December  23,1999


Ethiopian Scholar Wins International Award

MAKALE, Dec. 23 (WIC) A British medical journal has reported that an Ethiopian scholar has become a recipient of an international award in recognition of his successful research on control of malaria.  The scholar is Ato Teodros Adhanom, head of malaria control and vector-borne diseases department in the Tigray Health Bureau, according to the journal.  The journal said Ato Teodros undertook his studies in the rural localities of the State especially around the various water dams built to meet the water supply needs of the rural communities.  The journal indicated that Ato Teodros was selected as the winner of this year's award given by the Topical Medical Association, an American international institution, following a meeting it held in Washington from November 27 to December 2,1999.  Ato Teodros is currently working for his Ph.D in Nottingham University in Britain.  The journal said the selection of Ato Teodros for the recognized international award comes as a great honor for Ethiopia.