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Archive: The Challenge of Gender Inequalities

January, 2000

  • Jan 28, NY Times: Egypt Makes it Easier for Women to Divorce Husbands

  • Jan 25, The Independent-Egypt women start a revolution in divorce laws

  • Jan 21, Addis Tribune-Girls' Scholarship Fund Established

  • Jan 18, WIC (Ethiopia)-Ministry Formulates Women-targetd Projects

  • Jan 14, WIC (Ethiopia)- Women Urged to Register in Preparation for Election

    December, 1999

  • Dec 29, The Reporter Camouflaging Rape

  • Dec 20, NY Times- Vote On Women's Rights Shows Deep Rift in Kuwait Society

  • Dec 17, Addis Tribune (Editorial)- Child Prostitution Should Be Outlawed

  • Dec 15, The Monitor- Little girls raise funds for orphanages

  • Dec 15, WIC- Gov't and Advocacy Groups Promote Women's partcipation in May election

  • Dec 12, NY Times- Defeat for Women's Rights Underscores Rift in Kuwait

  • Dec 8, The Reporter (PANA)- "Reliable Abortion?"

  • Dec 8, The Reporter (PANA)-The Plight of Women- A Call for Change!

  • Dec 7, WIC- Journalists Attend Training on Gender Reporting

    Ethiopian girl

    A UNESCO study indicates that household chores is the single biggest reason chosen by parents for not sending their daughters to school. The picture shows an Ethiopian girl carrying out one of her many daily tasks: fetching water.

  • Dec 6, Washington Post- Kuwait at Odds on Women's Rights Issues

  • Dec 3, WIC- Women Demonstrators Demand Severe Punishments Against Rapists, Abductors

  • Dec 2, BBC- South African rape victims fight HIV

  • Dec 1, Kuwait Narrowly Kills New Bill to Give Women Political Rights

    November, 1999

  • Nov 28, Growing Rate of Girl Abduction, Rape Reported

  • Nov 26- Addis Tribune- Women's Conference Closes

  • Nov 25- PANA Day Observed For Eliminating of Violence Against Women

  • Nov 25, Times (London)-One in two Indian wives face beatings or abuse

  • Nov 24, NY Times-More African Women Have Aids Than Men

  • Nov 24, WIC-Symposium Deliberates on Harmful Traditions Prevention Draft Convention

  • Nov 24, NY Times- Kuwait Rejects Political Rights for Women

  • Nov 22, WIC-Enabling Environment Exists for Women Empowerment: Dr. Negasso

  • Nov 19, Addis Tribune-Sixth Regional Conference on Women to Be Held Here Soon

  • Nov 18, WIC-How Long Will Sexual Harassment Remain a Hush-hush Affair?

  • Nov 16, The Monitor- Hands Off Aberash!!

  • Nov 10, BBC-Handover of circumcision tools praised

  • Nov 10, London Times- Kuwait women await the vote

  • Nov 9, The Monitor-Dr. Mulumubet Shegenaw, Prospective Candidate

  • Nov 9, The Monitor-Being a Woman

  • Nov 5-Addis Tribune UN Women Help the Needy

  • Nov 3, WIC- Women in Public, Political life

    Nov 3, WIC-A Further look in Women's Rights

  • Nov 3, Monitor-Middle East has to be avoided

  • Nov 3, NY Times-Political Woman Goes from Ivory Tower to Street

    October, 1999

  • Oct 31, BBC-Drive to Cut maternal deaths

  • Oct 27, WIC-Should Women Forge Armed Struggle Against Abduction

  • Oct 14, WIC- Women Penalised for Reproductive Role?

  • Oct 13, The Reporter-Espouse our Claims

  • Oct 13, The Reporter-Quotas the annihilators of confidence

  • Oct 12, WIC-Incidence of Rape, Girl Abuction on Increase

  • Oct 12, WIC-Laws Breaching Women's rights should be reformed: paper

  • Oct 7, BBC- Ethiopian Maids Abused in Middle East

    September, 1999

  • Sept 30, WIC-Abduction: Nightmare of Kemabata girls?

  • Sept 16, WIC- Organization Intervenes to Rescue, Empower Kembata Women

  • Sept 6, BBC- Kenya Changing Attitudes to female Circumcision

    We recommend "Millions Left..." in Chora Highlights for similar stories.

  • Sept 2, BBC-Tanzania female circumcision shock

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