Rally Calls for Abrogation of Bail Rights for Rapists

 Rally Calls for Abrogation of Bail Rights for Rapists


   Addis Ababa, August 28, 2001 (WIC) - Some 3,000 participants of a rally held in the Capital

   today have called for the abrogation of bail rights for people charged with having committed

   crimes of rape.


   Addressing a rally at the Meskel Square organized to protest against the rising rate of rape

   crimes being committed on women and children in the Country, Vice-Chairperson of the Addis

   Ababa Women's Democratic Association, W/o Tigu Woldenseabet said it was time for the

   government to abrogate bail rights to those charged with such crimes because "It has now

   become highly pervasive and has assumed dangerous levels."


   She urged the people to add their voices to such calls and demanded that the government,

   and the organs of justice in the country to heed to the popular call, with the urgency it



   W/o Tigu, also called on the government to take firm actions on indifferences and leniency

   practiced by organs of justice against those charged with crimes of rape.


   She also urged for a speedy amendment of the Ethiopian criminal law dealing with rapists and

   called for free access to medical treatment by rape victims.


   Chairperson of the Ethiopian Women Lawyer's Association (EWLA) W/o Meaza Ashenefi, also

   spoke at the rally in the same vain, while calling on the country's parliament to pass the

   necessary legislation that would protect children and women from such an abuse.


   The rally brought together residents of the capital, rape victims, and representatives of

   government ministries, NGO's and civic organizations.