WB Earmarks 100 Million For Ethiopia's Education Sector Development Program

WB Earmarks 100 Million For Ethiopia's Education Sector Development Program


   Addis Ababa, June 04, 2002 (WIC)- The World Bank has allocated US$ 100 million to help

   Ethiopia's Education Sector Development Program (ESDP).


   According to a document obtained from the Bank, the Bank's five year ESDP which was

   launched in 1998 would help Ethiopia move closer to the Global Education for All (EFA) which

   has the goal of ensuring the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) by 2015.


   It said EFA would help children; especially girls, children under difficult circumstances, and

   those from ethnic minorities to have access to and complete free and compulsory education

   of good quality.


   According to the document Global Education for all also aims to eliminate gender disparities in

   primary and secondary education by 2005.


   The ESDP includes components on primary and secondary education, technical and vocational

   education and training teacher training, adult non-formal and special education, institutional

   development and distance education.


   The Bank said it was planning to work with the Government to prepare an education Country

   Status Paper (CSR) that would update and consolidate knowledge on the education sector to

   assist in the preparation of future interventions.


   The Bank meanwhile said it was currently developing its country Assistance Strategy (CAS)

   for fiscal year 2003-2005 in coordination with the Government Poverty Reduction Strategy



   In the CAS, an important component of Bank support will be assisting the Government in

   decentralizing responsibility for primary education to woredas (districts) and kebeles (villages)

   which will involve budget support and a major thrust to build local capacity to deliver quality

   education services.


   In Ethiopia enrollment rates at the primary level rose from approximately 30 per cent in 1998

   to 57 per cent today with girls enrollment increasing from 26 per cent to 47 per cent over the

   same period, it was learnt.