SPONSOR: The Banner Fellowship Program 

PURPOSE: To honor outstanding activists of color and give them an

opportunity for reflection and renewal.

DEADLINE: December 1, 1999

SUMMARY: Bannerman Fellows receive stipends of $15,000 for sabbaticals

of three months or more. The Bannerman Program recognizes that working

for social change usually means long hours at low pay, with few

tangible rewards and few escapes from the day-to-day pressures. Without

time to stop and reflect, the pressures can prove overwhelming; but

without resources, it is impossible to take the time. Therefore, the

Fellowship Program gives long-time activities of color the financial

support and freedom to take a break and recharge.

Since 1988, there have been 101 Bannerman Fellows. They're worked on

a broad range of issues from environmental justice to fair wages,

from immigrant rights to native sovereignty, from political

empowerment to economic revitalization and have been community and

labor organizers, volunteer leaders, and cultural workers and

community developers. They've been from 29 states, the District

of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and have ranged in age from their 30s

to their 70s. Bannerman Fellows have the freedom to use their

sabbaticals however they think will best re-energize them for the

work ahead. No product (other than a brief report) is required.

Past Fellows have used the time and resources to travel, study, visit

with other activists, read, relax, acquire new skills, explore new

interests, evaluate, plan and "just be still". Each year, ten new

Bannerman Fellows are chosen by a Board of Directors

that is made up primarily of past Fellows.


To qualify for a Bannerman Fellowship, you must be a person of color;

have at least ten years experience as a community activist; be

committed to continuing to work for social change and be a resident

of the United States or its territories. The Bannerman Program also

seek applicants who have helped to build community organizations or

institutions that have a clearly defined and involved constituency,

address significant social and economic issues, have had tangible

success and acknowledge the cultural values of the community; have

demonstrated a strong commitment to grassroots leadership development;

and have contributed to building a movement for social change-for

example, by defining new strategies or issues, by organizing new

constituencies, or be developing networks, alliances or coalitions to

advance a progressive agenda. In addition, preference will be given to

applicants who have a special need for a sabbatical; have more than

years of experience; are working with low-income people; and are

working at the grassroots level. An equal number of men and women

will be selected.

Fellows are encouraged to stop their day-to-day work activities for at

least three months and devote that time to activities which are

substantially different from their normal routing. Activities during

the sabbatical must flow from your experience as a community activist

and strengthen your ability to contribute to social change in the

future. You must have the endorsement of your organization.

Sabbaticals must be taken within one year of the awarding of the

Fellowship. Fellows must submit a report on their sabbatical. To

apply, you must complete an application form. Applications must be

post-marked by December 1, 1999. Finalists are selected on the basis

of the applications and interviewed by telephone. The Board of

Directors will choose the 2000 Bannerman Fellows in March 2000.  



Bannerman Fellowship Program

1627 Lancaster Street

Baltimore, Maryland  21231

Phone: 410-327-6220


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