National UN Volunteer Scheme Said Key Mechanism To Fight Brain Drain

National UN Volunteer Scheme Said Key Mechanism To Fight Brain Drain


Addis Ababa, January 14, 2003 (WIC)- The National UN Volunteer Scheme recently set up by UNDP and the government of Ethiopia will prove instrumental in controlling brain drain, which was undermining the country's capacity building endeavors.

United Nations Volunteers Program Officer with UNDP, Abibu Tamu told WIC yesterday that the scheme would enable to involve qualified and experienced Ethiopians both at home and in Diaspora in the development process of the country.

He said researches have also shown that many Ethiopians would like to return home through the National UNV scheme, which he said, would create an enabling and good working atmosphere.

He also said countries like Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and Malawi have been able to overcome the problem of national capacity in general and in improving effective delivery of programs and projects in those countries in particular.

He meanwhile said UNDP-Ethiopia was inviting applications from suitably qualified Ethiopian nationals both at home and abroad and nationals working under UN agencies, NGOs, CBOs and the Government Ministries to participate in the National UN volunteer scheme in Ethiopia by sending their C.Vs to the office. 

The National UN Volunteers and filed workers are required to participate in grassroots community development activities at regional and woreda level, working with UN agencies, Government offices, NGOs, CBOs, private sector and academic institutions.

There are 250 Ethiopians currently serving in other countries as international UN volunteers.