Britain Plans to Spend $1.2-Billion to Improve Science Laboratories and Stipends

Britain Plans to Spend $1.2-Billion to Improve Science Laboratories and Stipends


The Chronicle of Higher Education- Thursday, July 6, 2000






The British government announced Wednesday that it would spend $1.2-billion over the next four years to improve science laboratories at universities, and to increase the stipends of Ph.D. students in science and engineering. Britain's largest foundation, the Wellcome Trust, announced that it would provide an additional $348-million for the efforts.


The efforts are intended to make British institutions more attractive to scientists and prevent their leaving for other countries, especially the United States.


Gordon Brown, the chancellor of the exchequer, announced the spending plans at a conference here on entrepreneurship. "The commitment to science must mean constant renewal and modernization of our science base. The scale of this investment is unprecedented, ensuring world-class facilities for world-class science," he said.


For graduate students, the extra money means that the payments each of them receives for living expenses will increase to $14,000 from $10,000 by 2004. "Postgraduate researchers are the lifeblood of our science base. This investment will ensure that we continue to attract the finest minds into Ph.D. programs," Mr. Brown said.




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