Canada Donates 75,000 Birr to Ethiopian Women

Canada Donates 75,000 Birr to Ethiopian Women

Lawyers Association


Addis Tribune (04/0700) By Our Staff Reporter


John Schram, the Canadian Ambassador to Ethiopia, donated Tuesday 75,000 birr to the Ethiopian Women Lawyers

Association (EWLA).


The money will be used in a project that aims at encouraging women to take part actively in the forthcoming elections. The

project includes, among other things, production of road program on women's political participation. Accordingly, eight

program focussing on discussions, interviews and plays related to women issues will be produced and aired.


Ambassador Schram remarked on the occasion that "this is a good project that EWLA is doing in the area of women's

participation in democratic processes and women's political rights and responsibilities. Canada is proud to support it," he said.