Improving Quality Of Education, Training Programmes Said Vital To

 Improving Quality Of Education, Training Programmes Said Vital To

 Expedite Development


    Addis Ababa, March 20, 2002  (ENA) -Participants of the ongoing meeting held on

    building of execution capacity strategy and programmes said improving the quality of

    education and training programmes has significant contribution to expedite the

    development endeavours being undertaken in the country.


    The participants during their 2nd day session yesterday said implementing the education

    and training programmes and improving the quality and efficiency would play leading roles

    in the capacity building efforts.


    The meeting being underway at the PM's Office called also for improvement in the

    education administration.


    They said there has been  sizeable capacity limitation in implementing the education and

    training programmes in the Ministry of Education, as it has been witnessed in schools and

    higher learning institutions.


    The participants indicated the need for education bureau heads, teachers and students to

    exert integrated efforts with a view to bringing about improvements in the education

    administration at all levels.


    They said universities should create a transparent atmosphere in a bid to contribute to

    the efforts un- derway to improve the curricula.


    Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who presided over the meeting said encouraging results have

    been registered in the agriculture and the education training sectors with regard to

    capacity building programmes.


    He said there was a problem of 1 creating conducive political atmosphere that could

    facilitate ways for I the revision of the curriculum, ad- e ding that measures would be

    taken' r that could address the identified  problems.


    Minister of Capacity Building Teferra Waluwa on his part said the number of students grew

    steadily as a result of the constructive measures taken.


    He, however, said the key issue is to achieve the quality of education, adding that

    additional steps should be taken towards the education and training programmes including

    revising the curriculum.


    He called upon executives of the Ministry of Education and universities to join hands in

    identifying the problems that affected the quality of education and take appropriate

    measures believed to be instrumental in achieving the much-needed results in the sector.


    In attendance at the meeting are senior government officials, heads of state

    governments, cabinet members, and managers as well as I representatives of universities

    across the country.