PURPOSE: The Geophysical Laboratory is a private research and

educational institution emphasizing high-pressure/high-temperature

research, metamorphic, igneous, and experimental petrology, stable

isotope geochemistry, crystallography, mineral physics,

theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics, materials

research, organic geochemistry, and biogeochemistry.

DEADLINE: January 15, 2000

SUMMARY: The Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of

Washington invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, description of thesis

research, a list of publications, transcript/grade report, a two-

to three-page research proposal* for the fellowship period, and three

letters of recommendation to be sent directly to us by those

familiar with your work. Completed applications for fellowships

beginning on or after July 1, 2000, should be submitted by

January 15, 2000. Applicants will be notified of our decision in

March or April.

Microsoft Word documents can be included as attachments. Supporting

documents such as transcripts or reference letters must be sent by

regular mail rather than email.

The Geophysical Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer.

* The research proposal is very important. The fellowship committee

looks carefully at research proposals for evidence of

original thinking and of the ability to formulate and carry out a

research project that can be accomplished with the facilities

available to the Geophysical Laboratory. If you are not familiar with

The Geophysical Laboratory's current research, we suggest that you

look at recent publications listed on the home page, in recent Carnegie

Institution Yearbooks, and/or talk with our staff members or current

postdoctoral fellows. Information about ordering Carnegie Institution

publications is posted on the Institution's home page.

Please include the following in your application: 

     Business or university address: 

     Local residential address: 

     Permanent home address (if different): 

     Telephone (business): 

     Telephone (residence): 



     Citizen of: 

     If not US citizen, what is your USA visa status? 


Wesley T. Huntress, Jr., Director

Geophysical Laboratory

5251 Broad Branch Road, NW

Washington, DC 20015

Phone: (202) 686-2410

FAX: (202) 686-2419




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