A Higher Education Resource Center Inaugurated in Jimma

A Higher Education Resource Center Inaugurated in Jimma


Benís Page May 13, 2002


†††† ADDIS ABABA (May 08, 2002) -- We are pleased to make public the

†††† inauguration of the Higher Education Resource Center in Jimma, which is

†††† inaugurated on May 8, 2002 in the presence of His Excellency Mr. J.R.

†††† Schram, the Canadian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ato Bogale Negash, Chief

†††† Administrator of the Jimma Special Zone, Representatives of the Getachew

†††† Bolodia foundation (GBF) and the Association for Higher Education and

†††† Development (AHEAD), and invited guests. The establishment of the Center

†††† has been made possible by a grant of Birr 150,000 donated by the Canadian

†††† Embassy together with the contributions of Birr 50,000 by the two partner

†††† organizations - GBF and AHEAD.


†††† The Center will enable a community of University staff and students to have

†††† access to the internet, information on CD-ROM, books, monographs,

†††† journals, etc. Located in the middle of Jimma town near the Jimma Hotel, the

†††† Center has been newly renovated and is equipped with eight computers.


†††† GBF is a non-political and a non-profit making body registered under

†††† Ethiopian Law. AHEAD is also a non-political and a non-for-profit

†††† association established under the Canadian Law in 1999 by a small number of

†††† Ethiopians living in Ottawa, Canada. AHEAD's main mission is to assist in the

†††† capacity building of higher academic institutions in Ethiopia through the

†††† provision of books, and maintaining a fellowship programme for medical

†††† students, which is administered by the GBF.


†††† May 8, 2002

†††† The Getachew Bolodia Foundation (GBF)