Students From Central African Republic End Takeover of Embassy in Moscow


The Chronicle of Higher Education, Friday, August 11, 2000







About a dozen students from the Central African Republic abandoned the peaceful occupation of their country’s embassy here

Thursday after receiving a portion of the cost-of-living stipends they had been awaiting for a year and a half.


The protest, termed a "meeting" by student leaders, ended two weeks after more than 40 students crowded unannounced into

the two-room suite and detained an attaché for five days -- without force -- until he pledged to locate funds to pay the balance

of their stipends.


Neither students nor embassy officials would disclose the amount. However, private security guards at the gated diplomatic

compound, all of whom said that they had maintained daily contact with the protestors, said they were told the sum had

amounted to the equivalent of $600 per student, or about $35 per month.


About 60 students from the republic are currently enrolled in public universities and institutes in the western part of Russia,

which provides each with an average of 160 rubles, or $5.75, per month for study, said Jean-Arsene Yamale, a fourth-year

biology student at St. Petersburg State University who serves as vice president of the Association of Students from the Central

African Republic.


Boniface Bagowi, the administrative attaché who was detained by the students, could not be reached for comment.


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