PURPOSE: To enrich and strengthen the communities in which we live and

work. GTECH contributes cash, in-kind donations and the volunteer

efforts of its employees.

DEADLINE: December 31, 1999 

SUMMARY: The Company focuses its efforts on three primary areas:


Education represents GTECH's largest giving area and has a dual focus

on higher education and K-12 public education. As in all areas of

giving, the Company supports programs that help diverse groups. 

Our higher education support targets engineering, computer science,

technology, and business management programs. 

Contributions to K-12 public education focus on programs which: 

Bring computer technology into the classroom 

Provide training to teachers and students 

Encourage parental involvement 

Afford young people experience in international commerce 

Promote cultural sensitivity 


GTECH invests in programs that meet the varying needs of at-risk

families. We are committed to services and programs which empower

families to achieve economic self-sufficient, provide quality childcare

and elder care for families with limited income, and provide services

for drug addictions and child abuse.


We support arts and cultural organizations which focus on inner-city

youth and cultural diversity. We support the environment, particularly

those programs that preserve natural recreation in areas for families. 


GTECH Corporation provides grants to 501(c)(3) charities or 501(c)(3)

(9) organizations located in communities in which we do business,

primarily through the local GTECH office. Grants are awarded for

specific projects rather than for general operating support. 

Proposals will be considered only if they meet the guidelines outlines

and provide the following support documents: 

Name, address and telephone number of the organization 

Contact person and title 

Background information including history and purpose of charity 

Copy of IRS exemption letter verifying 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status 

Current operating budget and sources of income 

List of names and professional affiliations of directors and trustees 

Latest audited financial report (if available) 

Proposals should include the following information regarding the

particular program for which funding is being sought: 

Purpose and objectives of the program 

The needs being addressed 

Plan of action and time frame 

Desired outcomes 

Qualifications of program's staff 

Total funding required and projected resources 

The amount requested 

How the project's success will be determined 

How GTECH's support will be recognized 


GTECH Corporation generally does not fund: 

Organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status 


Religious organizations 

Political candidates or lobbying organizations 

Labor, fraternal and veterans' organizations 

Anti-business or government groups 

National chapters of single-disease organizations 

Creation or maintenance of monuments or memorials 

Travel expenses for groups or individuals 

Sporting events, golf tournaments, team or athletic sponsorships 

Advertising in program booklets 

Annual operating support or operating deficits 

Capital campaigns and endowments 

Private foundations 

Grants requests must be submitted in writing and should be concise.

Telephone and facsimile solicitations cannot be considered. Proposals

funded in any one year are not automatically assured of future funding.

Deadline for proposals - December 31. Proposals are reviewed once a

year. Funding for approved proposals begins in March.

Employee Directed Programs

The GTECH Reach Out! Program

GTECH gives every employee the opportunity to spend one paid workday

per year volunteering at a local school, favorite charity, or a

company-sponsored event. With 4,800 employees worldwide, GTECH will

potentially donate 38,400 volunteer hours next year.

Dollars for Doers

GTECH will provide community organizations with added financial support

while recognizing its employees for their community service. When an

employee volunteers at least 25 hours per year with an eligible

organization, GTECH will contribute $250 to that organization. With

4,800 employees worldwide, GTECH could potentially donate up to $1.2

million for the Dollars for Doers program.

Matching Gifts

GTECH will match employee contributions to US-based education

organizations one-to-one for gifts ranging from $50 - $500, per

employee per year.


GTECH Corporate Communications Department

55 Technology Way

West Greenwich, RI 02817



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0502000 Educational & Instructional Programs

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101600A All Technology

1000000 Science & Technology & Mathematics & Computer Science

0900000 Management & Commerce

0502041 Computer Education & Literacy

0503007 Computer-Aided Instruction

0403007 Family

040300A All Area & Population Studies & Services

0400000 Behavioral & Social Sciences

0403000 Area & Population Studies & Services

0404009 Drugs & Substance Abuse

040400A All Behavioral Studies & Social Problems

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040700A All Criminology

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041600A All Social Services

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0000008 Cultural Outreach

0412035 Diversity & Multiculturalism

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110600A All Recreation & Leisure Studies

1400000 Environment

A005000 Corporate Funding Opportunities

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