8th Nile 2002 Conference Ends

8th Nile 2002 Conference Ends


Recommends cooperation among Riparian States


Addis Ababa, June 29 (WIC) - The 8th Nile 2002 Conference wound up today by making recommendation for concrete actions to foster cooperation among the Nile Riparian states.


Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hagos, Chair of the organizing committee said the discussions were very active, and described the conference as successful.


Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture said in a closing remark that Ethiopia needs all available resources to face the challenges posed by recurrent drought.


"We are gearing our policy more towards irrigation development in order to secure food self sufficiency in the future", said Ato Mengistu Huluka, the Minister.


Conference participants acknowledged the valuable ideas generated by earlier conferences, but also underscored the need for practical measures to implement them.


The riparian states now need to move from consultation to implementation, said  a member of the Sudanese delegation. 


The participants came out with recommendations that shed light on some of the important environmental consideration that need to be addressed in a basin-wideapproach.


"So far, projects undertaken in the Nile basin benefited only one species, man". Said Dr. Beruk Abera, an Ethiopia academic.


Countries tend to forget environmental aspects of development, and are carried away by positive impacts, said Dr. Mohamme El-Zein a delegate from Sudan.


The 9th Nile 2002 Conference will take place in one of the three upper Nile countries that have yet to host conference.  The countries are DRC, Kenya and Rwanda.