BBC-Friday, 14 January, 2000, 18:08 GMT

BBC-Friday, 14 January, 2000, 18:08 GMT

Africa urged to co-ordinate AIDS fight


              South Africa has called on African countries to co-ordinate their efforts

              and experience in the battle against AIDS and keep the critical health

              issue on the world agenda.


              Launching a National Aids Council in Pretoria, Deputy-President, Jacob

              Zuma, said the AIDS pandemic was like a war and the region should

              capitalise on the recent UN security  council initiative focussing on the

              issue to seek more help.


              Further evidence of the devastating impact of the disease in South Africa

              was provided by a survey released today showing that AIDS was

              responsible for more than eleven per cent of deaths among the national

              workforce in 1998. Mr Zuma said it was important to remove the cloak of

              silence around the disease and create  an environment of support and



              From the newsroom of the BBC World