Ministry says undertaking study to control Cultural Invasion

 Ministry says undertaking study to control Cultural Invasion


   Awassa, December 08, 2001 (WIC)- The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture said it was

   undertaking a study believed will help in protecting the youth from harmful alien cultures.


   Ato Bekele Abebaw, Cultural Department Head with the Ministry told a forum in Awassa

   discussing the implementation strategy of the National Cultural Policy, that the study aims at

   exploring ways of controlling the flow through various means into the country, of materials

   considered harmful to the cultural well-being of the youth.


   He said most of the videotapes, Magazines, Photographs and posters, that find their way into

   the country carried messages and images that run contrary to the provisions of the country's

   Cultural Policy.


   According to Ato Bekele, such materials far from helping to advance the transfer of

   technology creative works and film production techniques, tend to promote crime, promiscuity

   and other socially unacceptable practices.


   He said, the study while outlining ways of controlling the flow of such materials, will also

   devise alternative entertainment facilities, in the form of projects and submit them for

   consideration and adoption by the regional state administrations.