79 Students Graduated from Defense Engineering College

79 Students graduated from the Defense Engineering College


ADDIS ABABA, August 6 (ENA) – 79 students graduated from the Defense Engineering College here yesterday with advanced diploma upon their completion of a three-and-half year training in various fields.


The graduates were trained in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, automotive technology and aircraft system and power.


Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lt. General Tsadikan Gebre-Tensay awarded diplomas to the graduates.


Speaking on the occasion, Lt. General Tsadikan said the graduation struck a happy note to Ethiopians as it came in the immediate aftermath of Ethiopia's resounding victories over the Eritrean invading forces.


'The invasion was repulsed because we enjoyed a high quality military leadership,' said the chief of staff in his message that appeared in the graduates’ bulletin.


'We realize also the paramount need to achieve maximum combat-readiness through rigorous training, logistical and technical preparedness and organizational efficiency, he added.  Also in attendance at the graduation ceremony was Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.


Meles has also inaugurated the college's newly built administration, academic and logistic buildings, and also visited various facilities of the college.


Meles said on the occasion utmost efforts would be exerted to upgrade the college to a university level.