PURPOSE: To support advanced research in the history of science
and technology.

DEADLINE: December 31, 1999

SUMMARY: Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology
invites applications to its two fellowship programs for 2000-2001;
the Senior Fellows program and the Postdoctoral Fellows program.
The Dibner Institute expects to have 20 Fellows each term. 

The Dibner Institute is an international center for advanced research
in the history of science and technology, established in 1992. It draws
on the resources of the Burndy Library, a major collection of both
primary and secondary material in the history of science and
technology, and enjoys the participation in its programs of faculty
members and students from the universities that make up the Dibner
Institute’s consortium: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the
host institution; Boston University; Brandeis University; and
Harvard University.

The Institute’s primary mission is to support advanced research in the
history of science and technology, across a wide variety of areas and a
broad spectrum of topics and methodologies. The Institute favors
projects that address events dating back thirty years or more; and,
while recognizing that overlap between the history of medicine and the
history of biology makes strict distinctions impossible, the Institute
generally does not support projects in the history of clinical

Senior Fellows Program:
Candidates for Senior Fellowships should have advanced degrees in
disciplines relevant to their research and show evidence of substantial
scholarly accomplishment and professional experience. Senior fellows
may apply for a second fellowship appointment five years after their
first successful application.  

Scholars may apply to the Senior Fellows Program for the Fall (Term 1),
the Spring (Term 2), or both. Term 1 extends from August 1 through
December 31, with full activities beginning on September 1; Term 2
extends from January 1 through May 31, with full activities beginning
on February 1. At the time of application, Term 1 candidates may
request an arrival date in August; Term 2 candidates may request an
extension into June. The Institute prefers, if possible, that senior
fellows apply for a two-term residency.

Postdoctoral Fellows Program: Fellowships are awarded to outstanding
young scholars of diverse countries of origin who have obtained the
Ph.D. or equivalent within the previous five years. Postdoctoral
Fellowships run for one year, from September 1 through August 31, and
may be extended for a second and final year at the discretion of the
Dibner Institute.

Terms and Conditions 

All Dibner Fellows are expected to reside in the Cambridge/Boston area
during the terms of their grants, to participate in the activities of
the Dibner Institute community, and to present their current work once
during their fellowship appointments.

Fellowships provide office space, support facilities, and full
privileges at the Burndy Library and at the libraries of consortium
universities. Fellows will have access to the entire spectrum of
activities that take place at the Dibner Institute, where they will be
able to collaborate in an atmosphere of collegiality and find the
resources and appropriate settings to carry out their work.

Funds are available for housing, living expenses, and one round-trip
fare for international fellows. Estimates of costs, as well as the
average stipend awarded in 1999–2000, are provided with the application
forms. The deadline for receipt of applications for 2000–2001 is
December 31, 1999. Fellowship recipients will be announced in March

Please send requests for further information and for application
forms directly to the address below.

Complete Application (scroll to the bottom of the page)  

Trudy Kontoff, Program Coordinator
Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology
Dibner Building, MIT E56-100
38 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Phone: 617-253-6989
Fax: 617-253-9858

Website: http://dibinst.mit.edu/


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