13,700 Female Students Drop-out of Schools in North and

13,700 Female Students Drop-out of Schools in North and West Shoa Zones


AMBO, August 19 (WIC) - The education Bureaux in West and North Shoa zones disclosed that more than 10 per cent of female students who enrolled in schools in both zones this academic year have dropped out.


According to bureau officials, 13,700 female students, out of the 128,600 who registered at different school in the two zones, have left due to responsibilities at home, marriage, fear of abduction and several other reasons.


Students and local residents approached by WIC reporter point to forced marriage and abduction as the main culprits in the high female drop out rate in the zones.


Kurme Daba, a fourth grader at the Gurbi Bulto Primary school in Meta Abo District, West Shoa, said her friends leave school because they were either forced into marriage by their parents, or are afraid of abduction.


Female students don't get the necessary support from parents as they progress to higher grades, and as a result they tend to be poor performers, teachers said.