Number Of Drought Affected People In Ethiopia Reach 10

Number Of Drought Affected People In Ethiopia Reach 10.6 Million


Addis Ababa, May 7 (ENA) -- The number of drought-stricken people in Ethiopia has reached 10.6 million now from 8 million earlier, the disaster prevention and preparedness commission announced here on Friday.


Early warning department head with the commission, Teshome Erkineh, told ENA that 2.5 million people, who were likely to face food shortage earlier, have now been exposed to drought due to failure of Belg (small rainy season) crops.


The number of affected people in various parts of the country is likely to increase owing to the failure of Belg crops and the delay of this season's Belg rain, although it is difficult to know by now the exact number of victims, Teshome said.


Teshome said the commission and international donor organizations have agreed to launch a detailed study on the situation of drought in May that will enable know the exact number of drought-stricken people in Ethiopia by next June.


Commenting on the Propaganda being disseminated by certain western media that Ethiopia was trying to redress its economic crisis with the relief aid it is securing from donors claiming to have 8 million drought-affected people as ''inhumane and politically motivated.''


 The propaganda that alleges the country has not that much number of affected people was contrary to the study and confirmation of the commission, the world food program (WFP) and the food and agriculture organization (FAO), Teshome said.


Besides, donors in the U.S.A. and in other parts of the world had earlier confirmed the existing of the stated number of victims, he said.