ECDC Donates Books

ECDC Donates 100,000 Dollar Worth Books

AXUM, Dec. 4 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) donated various  books worth 100,000 dollars to various colleges and training institutes in Tigray State.

The US based non-governmental Organization donated the over 10,000 books to the Makele Business College, the Abiy-Adi Teachers College, The Axum intermediate health training Institute and the Axum Senior Secondary School.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, council leader, Dr. Tsehaye Teferra, said the donation was made in recognition of the growing need for education in Tigray and to help efforts at generating trained man power in the State.

He observed that there existed conducive conditions for joint undertakings with the regional State and reaffirmed his council's continued assistance in this regard.

Council secretary of Tigray's central zone, Tadele Asefa, recalled the council's similar assistance in the past, among which he said, was the donations in clothings it made to compatriots dislocated by the Issayas war of aggression.

The council in reported to have made similar donation to the Amhara Development Association.