Budget for education sector reaches over 2

Budget for education sector reaches over 2.3 billion Birr: Ministry


  Addis Ababa May 22(ENA)--The Ministry of Education says the budget allotted by the government to the

education sector has reached over 2.3 billion Birr during the last ten years.


  Public Relations Service head with the ministry, Shimeles Litike, told ENA on Tuesday that the highest budget to

the sector was only about 577 million Birr in late 1982 E.C, shortly before the Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary

Front (EPRDF) took power.


  The budget spent on the construction of educational institutions has increased from 106.5 million Birr to over

910.3 million Birr in the reported period, Shimeles said.


  He said a marked progress has been made in the educational field particularly after the formulation and

implementation of the new education, training and testing policy.


  The policy has been carried out according to schedule and the country's quest to produce more skilled

manpower, Shimeles said.


  However, he said some shortcomings were witnessed especially in inculcating the policy among students,

teachers and the public at large.


  The drawbacks observed in the realization of the new educational policy had been assessed this academic year

and corrective measures were taken accordingly.