Education - a National Priority


Addis Tribune (Editorial-05/05/00)


During this election season, there is one item that is always on the agenda. That happens to be the question of education.

Ethiopia does not possess either the quantity or the quality of education that is required to push the people forward. At all

levels, the standard of education has fallen dramatically.


Development without an educated and skilled manpower is unthinkable. The success story of the "Asian tigers" is partly due to

their quality and quantity of education.


On two fronts, we need to work hard. The first is to place education among our highest priorities. The second is to keep our

educated citizenry. There are more Ethiopian doctors, nurses, accountants and other professionals outside Ethiopia than at

home. This is sad, to say the least.


Currently, the matter is left only to the government. This should be a matter of concern to business as well. In the newly opened private banks and insurance companies there is high competition for skilled manpower. Because of the shortage, retired persons have become active employees. In a short while, we shall be out of the inventory. Business should get involved today.


We are not trying to provide a simple answer for a complicated problem. We have a problem in our education system. Let us

now take the bull by the horns.


                                          Tamrat Bekele