Concerted Efforts Needed for Fighting AIDS:  Workshop

MAICHEW, Oct. 30 (WIC)- A prominent health official has stated that a great deal is expected of religious leaders and non-governmental organisations in preventing the spread of the deadly AIDS.  Speaking at a one-day panel held in Maichew town yesterday on AIDS prevention efforts, Dr. Isreal Tareke, head of the health department of Southern Tigray zone, urged the society to work closely with health professionals as well as with various organisations to control the spread of the pandemic.  Dr. Israel particularly underscored the importance of bringing about attitudinal changes in the society by holding continuous public orientations at public forums like schools and churches.

Also speaking at the workshop, Ato Berhe Fisseha, deputy chairman of the zonal administration disclosed that AIDS prevention committee have been structured at zonal and Kebele levels which need to be further strengthened.  Meanwhile, 78 out of the 122 people that went to Maichew Hospital in the last three months for examination tested HIV positive.

The same information revealed that 247 out of the 317 patients that had blood tests last year in the Alamata and Maichew hospital also proved HIV positive.