Enrollement In Higher Learning Institutions Tripples

Enrollement In Higher Learning Institutions Tripples


Addis Ababa, March 1 (WIC)- The number of students in Ethiopia's Higher Institutions of Learning has more than trippled

in the last six years, owing to measures taken by the government to develop teritiary level education.


Ato Shimels Letike, Head of Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Education, told WIC that the student intake at

the institutions has now reached more than 19,000, which is  three times as compared to that of the number in 1994.


Four new Universities were opened in the last five years, he said adding that new post-graduate studies were opened in

the existing two universities to train teachers that will serve the new universities.


Shimelis said a major achievement during the period was the growth in the enrollement rate in Private Colleges, where

more than 6,000 students are following studies in various fields.


According to the head, instructors in the Higher Learning Institutions were also sent abroad for post-graduate studies,

and about 650 have been trained under the programme in the last five years.