Ethiopia Undertaking Encouraging Environmental Protection Activities



   Addis Ababa, June 12, 2002 (WIC)- The various environmental protection activities which

   Ethiopia has carried out so far in line with agreed international conventions has been

   encouraging, the Environmental Protection Authority said.


   Speaking at a half day workshop organized on environmental protection and the role of mass

   media yesterday Authority General Manager, Tewolde Gebre Egzihaber said the country has

   made a good stride with regard to an article enshrined during Rio De Janeiro summit in 1992,

   mitigating  land degradation and fighting desertification and poverty.


   He also said the country was implementing agreements reached on sustainable use of land to

   the benefit of  public health.


   He however said that all articles of the convention can not be said to have been put into

   effect as there were gaps in legal provisions necessary in enforcing the agreements reached

   on environmental protection.


   He said such legal gaps included patent rights on biodiversity resource, supervision laws and

   environmental impact review system.


   Although the Environmental Policy of Ethiopia was approved by the Council of Ministers on 2

   April 1997, it has not so far materialized all over the country due to lack of law that would

   help the Authority to enforce the policy, it was learnt.