Official Stresses Need to Work with LDC



Official Stresses Need to Work with

Countries of Common Interest to Join



ADDIS ABABA, Jan. 25 (ENA) "In a bid to come up with common positions at the negotiating table to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Ethiopia

needs to work jointly with the least developed countries (LDCs)," the Vice Minister of Trade and Industry said.


Speaking at the opening here yesterday of a five-day seminar on WTO and multilateral trading system, Brook Debebe said, developing countries need to work hand-in-hand to learn the various techniques of negotiations and know the impact of WTO's measures on their economy before they made any commitment to join the global body.


He said "the key issue for Ethiopia, as indeed is for all LDCs, is that the agreements emanating from multilateral agenda for negotiations must be supportive of (Ethiopia's)

own strategy for national economic development in general and trade growth in particular."


The Ethiopian Government had established a committee composed of various governmental organizations and academic institutions to examine WTO agreements and their impacts on the country's economic policy, sectoral strategies and regulations, he said.


He said many developing countries had not clearly understood and analyzed the implications of WTO agreements when they committed themselves to the international body.


The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to share experiences on the issue with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNC-TAD)



Some 120 participants drawn from various governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as academic institutions are attending the seminar.