EWLA Refutes its Suspension

EWLA Refutes its Suspension


  Addis Ababa, September 03, 2001 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association

   (EWLA) has challenged the announcement made by the Ministry of justice yesterday that the

   Association has been suspended for operating beyond its jurisdiction.


   In a press release it sent to WIC today the Association said it has received no repeated

   written or verbal warning as claimed by the Ministry.


   It said "EWLA challenges the Ministry to produce any evidence that it has carried out any

   activity that is outside its objectives or that contravenes any law, civil penal, or even that

   can remotely be considered furthering partisan political agenda."


   It said, EWLA will therefore await receipt of that Ministry's order in writing, hopefully in a more

   precise language, to respond to it fully and appropriately.


   The Head of Association's Registration Section with the Ministry had told ENA that EWLA was

   suspended for operating outside the framework of its mandate but declined to state clearly

   the activities that led to the closure of the association.


   EWLA was established shortly after the Constitution of FDRE came into effect. One of its missions is to

   help women victims of violence receive the full protection of the law.