FAO to Help Ethiopia Attain Food Self Sufficiency

FAO to Help Ethiopia Attain Food Self Sufficiency


Panafrican News Agency, August 23, 2000

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation has committed itself in assisting Ethiopia in its endeavours to break the cyclical drought and become self-sufficient in food production.


"The FAO is ready to back up Ethiopia's efforts to address the effects of the prevailing drought in the country," the organisation's director general, Jacques Diouf, said.


Wednesday's edition of the state-owned Ethiopian Herald quoted him as saying that the agency would also help in mobilising donor countries toward that objective.


It said Diouf made the remarks while briefing Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Tuesday on the UN inter-agency task force set up in April to bring about long-term food security and agricultural development in drought and famine ravaged countries in the Horn of Africa.


As chairman of the task force, Diouf informed Meles that the committee would focus on tackling the root causes of drought, and building food security.


The task force would tackle the problem through national and regional components, making water management to play a significant role in curbing the problem.


Meles said the government was prepared to map out "viable strategies" that will be instrumental in dealing with the impacts of the current drought in Ethiopia in a sustainable manner.


Priority would be given to such activities as afforestation, soil conservation, environmental rehabilitation, and irrigation in drought-affected parts of Ethiopia.


Diouf, who ends his visit to Ethiopia Thursday, arrived in Addis Ababa Tuesday from Nairobi, Kenya, on the second-leg of working visit to five countries in the Horn of Africa.