PURPOSE: To broaden or intensify the research experience of recent

Ph.D.'s through involvement in experimental or theoretical research.

DEADLINE: January 15

SUMMARY: Postdoctoral appointments include the following categories:

Accelerator Physics, Experimental Particle Physics, Theoretical

Astrophysics, Theoretical Particle Physics

Description: Recent Ph.D.'s receive Research Associate appointments

generally for two or more years.

Application Deadline:

None for Accelerator or Experimental Particle Physics.

January 15 for Theoretical Astrophysics and Particle Physics.

Related Materials and Programs: Theoretical Particle Physics

On the graduate and post-graduate level, Fermilab sponsors a number of

fellowships, participates in a Joint University-Fermilab Doctoral

Program in Accelerator Physics and in collaboration with other

laboratories and U.S. universities, helps sponsor the U.S. Particle

Accelerator School. In addition, Fermilab supports faculty members

through a guest scientist program and as visitors to the Theory Group.

These programs seek to increase the number of particle and accelerator

physicists and to give faculty the opportunity to do research with

state-of-the-art facilities and take part in the lively and stimulating

intellectual environment at Fermilab.

Fermilab's Latin American program aims to extend the pool of available

accelerator physicists internationally by collaborating with Latin

American universities to train experimental particle physicists.

Fermilab will continue to review manpower needs in high energy physics

and related technical fields. When situations warrant, the Laboratory

will look for partnerships with universities and colleges to provide

appropriate training and education programs.


Accelerator Physics

Stephen D. Holmes

Head, Beams Division

Fermilab MS 306, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510

(630) 840-3988, e-mail:

Experimental Particle Physics

Michale Albrow, Head

Experimental Physics Projects Department

Fermilab MS 122,

P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510

Phone: (630) 840-8618, e-mail: 

Theoretical Astrophysics

Joshua A. Frieman

Head, Astrophysics Group

Fermilab MS 209, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510

Phone(630) 840-4695, e-mail:

Theoretical Particle Physics

Keith Ellis

Head, Theoretical Physics Department

Fermilab MS 106, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510

Phone(630) 840-3070, e-mail:


Wilson Fellowships

Objective: To support talented young researchers in high-energy and

accelerator physics. 

Description: Appointments as Robert R. Wilson Fellows are awarded on

a competitive basis to promising young Ph.D. physicists for a term of

three years. Fellows will work at Fermilab in an area of experimental

high-energy or accelerator physics of their own choice. Research

support will be provided by the appropriate Fermilab department.

Fellows in experimental high-energy physics will normally be required

to have had several years of post-doctoral experience. Previous

experience is not required of fellows in accelerator science in order

to encourage talented young researchers to enter that field. 


Fermilab Employment Office

Fermilab MS 166

P.O. Box 500

Batavia, IL 60510

Phone: (630) 840-3770

FAX: (630) 840-2306


Hugh E. Montgomery

Fermilab MS 357

P.O. Box 500

Batavia, IL 60510

Phone: (630) 840-4708


Application Deadline: Approximately twice per year in fall and spring. 


Lederman Fellowships

Objective: To support talented young researchers in high energy and

accelerator physics. 

Description: Appointments are awarded on a competitive basis from

among the applicants for first postdoctoral appointments in

experimental physics at Fermilab. The term is for three years. In

recognition of Leon M. Lederman's commitment to the teaching of

physics at all levels, fellows participate in Saturday Morning Physics

or an equivalent educational program. 


Michael Albrow, Head

Experimental Physics Projects Department

Fermilab MS 122

P.O. Box 500

Batavia, IL 60510

Phone: (630) 840-8618


Application Deadline: None 


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by Universities Research Association, Inc. for the U.S. Department

of Energy under contract DE-AC02-76CH03000. 


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