Fight Pedophilia





By: Tolossa Gofta Kassane




          In light of the current arrest of David Christie for molestation of Ethiopian children,I think we should give due

          attention to this phenomena of international trafficking in children,their sexual abuse by persons working for the

          so called children's charities,etc to stop them from causing further sufferings. It is a well known fact that in their

          country of origin[Europe and America], anyone who is working with children has to be vetted first.


          However,in countries like Ethiopia,no such mechanism exists,leaving the most vulnerable being exposed to

          abuse and the abusers getting away with it. We Ethiopians in the diaspora can make a difference as residents

          of these western countries by demanding an international oversight,particularly when the staff are from the



          A number of Ethiopian professionals have played a behind the scene significant role in the arrest and bringing

          to justice of David Christie.This endeavor will continue. For security/confidentiality reason,I am unable to

          elaborate on this information.


          However,those interested may orientate yourselves by reading readily available information on the internet as to

          what 'pedophilia' is and how to raise public awareness to protect children against molestations. In this regard,I

          provide one particular website:



          Tolossa Gofta Kassane