130,000 MT Food Aid Being Unloaded

130,000 MT Food Aid Being Unloaded


ADDIS ABABA, August 5 (ENA) Heads of three different departments with the Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission informed local journalists here yesterday that 130,000 MT of food aid was being now unloaded from five ships at the Djibouti and Berbera ports.


The transport and logistics department head, Ato Tadesse Bekele, said that 115,000 MT of the aid was being discharged at Djibouti from four ships, and the other 15,000 MT at Barbera in addition to the 19,000 MT that had been unloaded some days ago.


According to Ato Taddesse, from 4-5 thousand MT of food aid is being daily transported from the ports to the hinterland, with up to 5,000 MT dispatched from the central stores to recipient zones. He added that summer ration had already been rushed to areas that are inaccessible during the rainy season, particularly in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples, Amhara and Tigray states.


Ato Getachew Tesfaye, fundraising department head, on his part stated that though aid requirement during 2000 was 900,000 MT, this has reached 1,303,000 MT due to the rise in the number of the needy from 8 million to 10.5 million after a recent survey. Some 784,000 MT was pledged by different donors of which 494,000 MT has been received, including 100,000 MT provided by the federal government.


The amount of food stock at the moment is 155,000 MT, including 66,066 MT which is at port and to be transported immediately, according to Ato Getachew.


Relief distribution department head, Ato Belete Tilahun, said that the number of drought victims in the Somali and Afar states had not increased. He said however, the number of the needy has risen in the highlands and food is being sent to victims there. The situation is improving progressively in all areas, he stated.