Forest Biodiversity Resource Said Depleting At Alarming Rate

Forest Biodiversity Resource Said Depleting At Alarming Rate


    Menagesha, May 23, 2002 (WIC)- The Institute of Bio-Diversity Conservation and Research

   (IBDC) said the depletion of the forest genetic resources of the country has reached such a

   level that it would make life impossible.


   In a study paper he presented at the International Biodiversity Day celebrated at Suba State

   Forest yesterday, Deputy Director of ICBR, Dr Girma Balcha said the country’s forest coverage

   has reached 2.7 per cent now from 40 per cent eighty years ago, thus putting the forest

   biodiversity at stake.


   He said life would be extremely difficult if the level of biodiversity of the country was to go any

   lower but declined to mention that level that would constitute life threatening.


   He said conserving the forest biodiversity should be top priority for both the public and the

   government as sustainable biodiversity resource was guarantee to life.


   He said much of the country’s forest resource has been cleared due to mainly  the need for

   agricultural land.


   He said it was the responsibility of the society and the government to conserve, make

   sustainable use of the biodiversity and bequeath it to the posterity.


   Speaking or his part public relations head of the IBCR, Taye Bekele said traditional

   environmental conservation practices should be considered and enhanced while taking

   biodiversity restoration measures.


   Apart from socio-economic benefits, the major environmental functions of forests, are among

   others, eco-system stability, (Particularly at a time of climatic change) climate amelioration

   (shade, soil improvement, etc), soil and water conservation and mitigation of global warming.


   This year’s International biodiversity day was observed under the theme “Forest Biodiversity”.