SPONSOR: George Gund Foundation

PURPOSE: Grants in the areas of education, economic development and

community revitalization, human services, arts, environment and civic


DEADLINE: December 30, March 30, June 30, and September 30

Program areas:

* Education 

* Arts 

* Economic Development and Community Revitalization 

* Human Services 

* Civic Affairs 

* Environment 

Preference is given to pilot projects and innovative programs that

present prospects for broad replicability. Grants for operating support

are generally limited. The Foundation does not consider grants for

endowments or for capital needs, including renovation, equipment and

construction, except in special circumstances. Grants are not made for

debt reduction or to fund benefit events. Funding for conferences,

publications and media is limited to projects directly related to

priorities in the Foundation's six program areas.

With the exception of retinal degenerative disease research,

reproductive health issues, community health and AIDS policy and

services, the Foundation is not active in the health field. Proposals

for services to the physically, mentally or developmentally disabled or

the elderly are not considered.

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, nor does it

administer programs it supports.

Grants are limited to activities performed, and organizations located,

in the United States, with the exception of support for retinal

degenerative disease research.

The Foundation makes grants only to organizations that meet Internal

Revenue Code requirements as nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations or to

qualified governmental units or agencies. Grant funds may not be used

to carry on propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation,

participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or

in opposition to any candidate for public office or to conduct,

directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive (within the

meaning of Section 4945(d)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code).

What to Include in a Proposal

Each proposal should include a one-page cover letter describing the

project and the amount of funds being requested. The proposal should

also include: 

One page summary description of the project

Name and telephone number of contact person

Organizational background -- The background information should

include a history of the organization, the mission statement of the

organization, types of programs offered and constituencies served by

the organization.

Detailed project description -- The project description should include

a justification of need, specific goals and objectives, activities

planned to meet goals and objectives, time line for the project,

qualifications of key personnel and methods of evaluation.

Project budget -- A project budget should include anticipated expenses

(including details about how requested funds will be used) and

anticipated income (including information about other sources

approached for funding).

Organization budget -- The organization's budget should include a

current year budget and a proposed budget for the project year(s)

showing both income and expenses. The organization's most recent

audited financial statement should also be included.

Supporting Documents -- Supporting documents should include a list of

the organization's current board of trustees, letters of support,

readily available printed material about the organization (such as

annual reports and brochures) and an IRS letter confirming the Internal

Revenue Code 501(c)(3) status and classification as a public charity or

information confirming status as a governmental unit or agency.

Proposals sent electronically or by FAX will NOT be accepted.


Proposals are considered by the Foundation's Trustees in March, June,

September and December. Deadlines for submitting proposals for

consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Trustees

are March 30, June 30 September 30 and December 30. 


The George Gund Foundation 

1845 Guildhall Building 

45 Prospect Avenue, West 

Cleveland, Ohio 44115 

Phone: (216) 241-3114 

FAX: (216) 241-6560 




Keycode Keyword

A006000 Foundation Funding Opportunities

0715008 AIDS

071500A All Disease Entities & Medical Problems & Behavior

0700000 Health & Safety, Medical & Biomedical Sciences

0901015 Economic Development

040800A All Economics

0400000 Behavioral & Social Sciences

0000034 Research

0319011 Revitalization

031900A All Restoration & Preservation

0300000 Arts & Humanities & Cultural Activities

050500A All Higher Education

050200A All Educational & Instructional Programs

050400A All Elementary & Secondary Education

0502000 Educational & Instructional Programs

0504000 Elementary & Secondary Education

0504001 Elementary Education

0504002 High School Education

0504003 Junior High School Education

030200A All Area Studies (Arts & Humanities)

030300A All Arts, General & Other

031600A All Performing Arts

031300A All Media Arts

032000A All Visual Arts

0302000 Area Studies (Arts & Humanities)

0303000 Arts, General & Other

0316002 Dramatic & Theater Arts

0308001 Folk & Ethnic Arts

030800A All Folk & Ethnic Studies

0313000 Media Arts

0316000 Performing Arts

0320000 Visual Arts

0113000 Cultural, Economic, & Political Regions

00000BB Disadvantaged (Economically)

00000A1 Target Groups & Beneficiaries

0416001 Economic Self-Sufficiency

041600A All Social Services

0408013 Economic Stabilization

0408000 Economics

0725030 Social & Economic Environment

0403004 Community & Outreach Programs

040300A All Area & Population Studies & Services

0501008 Community & School Relations

0417050 Community Self-Improvement

041700A All Sociology

0901092 Minority Business Development

090105A All Management & Commerce (L-Z)

0900000 Management & Commerce

0403000 Area & Population Studies & Services

0000038 Service Delivery Programs

0404017 Social Services Delivery

0416000 Social Services

100700A All Environmental Studies

1000000 Science & Technology & Mathematics & Computer Science

1007000 Environmental Studies

1002042 Reproduction

076500A All Natural Processes (Health & Safety & Medical)

0730005 Child & Maternal Health

0730010 Family Health & Planning & Safety

0414070 Healthy Development

0730070 Public Health

0406006 AIDS Counseling

040600A All Counseling & Guidance

0404065 Transmission of HIV/AIDS

040400A All Behavioral Studies & Social Problems

0901100 AIDS & Employment Studies

0404000 Behavioral Studies & Social Problems

0406000 Counseling & Guidance

0306000 Cultural Activities

030600A All Cultural Activities

0715000 Disease Entities & Medical Problems

1400000 Environment

0403007 Family

0308000 Folk & Ethnic Studies

0505000 Higher Education

0319000 Restoration & Preservation

0417000 Sociology

0500000 Education

0765000 Natural Processes (Health & Safety & Medical)

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