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Tana H School Students

Located near the edge of Tana, one of the largest lakes in Africa, Tana High School is the home of many young Ethiopians who dream of making their country self-reliant. The picture shows Tana tenth grade students writing a composition.

Chora highlights


    Ethiopia’s security forces have targeted students and teachers because they are among the most politically active elements of Ethiopian society. Ethiopia is on the brink of another famine, and it needs educated people to lead the country out of this disaster.

    Endrias in the Middle

  • 9. Addis Ababa University Under Attack Again (posted Jan 17, 2003)

    [In the week that followed,]...the Government appointed Andreas Eshete as President of AAU. This man had formerly been appointed Professor of Law (!) in opposition to the decision of the Law School, by virtue of his ties with the ruling party and on its direct orders. This was a clear and unprecedented contravention of the Consolidated Legislation and the well-established convention of the University that made the recruitment of academic staff a prerogative of departments or schools.

  • 8. Jan 10, Norwegian appeal for respect of academic, human rights in Ethiopia

    The Government's appointment of a new university President is a clear breach of the university's procedures of nomination and election of Presidents.

  • 7. Jan 7, Mekonen Bishaw: Report on Ethiopian Higher Education in Crisis

    By asserting that “one ethnic group” has hitherto dominated the University, Dr. Gemechu is reported to have suggested that this situation will have to change. The new president, Prof. Endrias appears to concur with Dr. Gemechu’s assessment. He alleged that there has been ‘ethnic oppression’ within the University. Accordingly, he plans to ensure that the University falls in line with the ruling party’s agenda to bring about the equality of all ethnic groups in the University.

  • 6. Jan 2, 2003- Addis Tribune-The Begining of the End- some Thoughts on the Recent Fiasco at AAU

    Ato Tefera Walwa and company should once and for all accept the fact that public institutions of higher education such as AAU exist for the common good and not to further the interest of an individual party honcho or the ruling party. The common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free exposition and academic freedom is essential to these purposes. Academic freedom in its teaching aspect is fundamental for the protection of the rights of the professor/teacher in shaping young minds and of the student to freedom in learning.

  • 5. Jan 2, The Sorry State of Our University and Society

    I do not think that the academic world would, in the main, resist the idea of students evaluating their professors. This is an almost universal practice through which most of the current Addis Ababa University professors passed through when they were students in the West. The government wants us to believe that the issue is evaluation. However, we have since come to learn that the main cause of the recent resignations and indirect firings is the lack of academic freedom and unwarranted government intervention in the country's highest institution.

  • 4. Dec 22, A University at War: The Perilous Fate of Addis Ababa University

    News of the appointment of Prof. Andreas Eshete, founder of the pro-government Inter-Africa Group, has sparked a series of resignations by leading Ethiopian scholars, and the fate of the country's largest university remains uncertain.

  • 3. Dec 22, Ben( One step forward, three steps backward

    To add salt on the open wounds of the university body, the government made public that the infamous Prof. Andreas Eshete will take the presidency. The regime fully knows that Prof. Andreas Eshete is quite at odds with his coworkers and can't unite the university body. As many close to the university body assert, the appointment is purely based on his loyalty to the regime rather than his efficiency to run the institution.

  • 2. Dec 20, Addis Tribune: University Deans, Instructors Tender Resignation

    Following the appointment of Prof. Andreas Eshete as the president of the Addis Ababa University, reports and sources close to Addis Tribune say some deans of faculties and professors have tendered their resignation. The same sources say most instructors of the University believe that Professor Andreas co-harbor a pro-government stance, which they said had been reflected during the meetings two weeks ago.

  • 1. Dec 20, TISJD : The choice of the University President is scandalous

    Since EPRDF’s ascendance to power, the Professor [Andreas Eshete] has played the role of the lieutenant in the intelligentsia circle in supporting and camouflaging Meles’s dismal economic and political policies, and in the University standoff between the academic staff and Meles, Professor Endreas has clearly taken Meles’s side.

  • Dec 11- UNICEF Press Release: Why Children must be heard

    The UNICEF report argues that world leaders must tap young people and recognize them as important resources. And it calls on governments to begin teaching children democratic values in early childhood by expanding children’s access to education and participation in civil society and government.

  • Nov 26, World Bank: Educating the World’s Children

    Last week, bilateral donors and international development agencies met in Brussels to discuss financing the education plans of the first group of countries that have credibly articulated how they could achieve the goal of universal primary education by 2015.

  • Nov 13, UNESCO: Education Goals Remain Elusive in more than 70 Countries

    According to the 2002 Report, 28 countries, accounting for over 26 percent of the world's population, may not achieve any of the three measurable Dakar goals: universal primary education (UPE), gender equality and the halving of illiteracy rates. Two-thirds of these countries are in Sub-Saharan Africa, but they also include India and Pakistan. Another 43 countries, covering 35.6 percent of the world's population, risk falling short of at least one of these three goals.

  • Addisu Tadesse's (AAU Alumni Network-August 2002)Reflections on the Performance of Ethiopia's Educated Elite

    Honestly speaking if we line up a highly educated men and women of the country along with the naïve country men, no one could spot the difference in terms of performance. Anyone could have run better the ministry of education, the university or the economy. So where is the outcome of our educational investment in the past 50 years?

  • May 22, HRW: Ethiopia: Halt Crackdown on Oromo Students

    During the last two months, five students have been killed and dozens arrested as Oromiya state police have violently dispersed peaceful marches by high school students protesting regional governmental policies. Human Rights Watch also called on the Ethiopian government to immediately free all students detained last week in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa during a peaceful rally by Oromo students.

  • Human Rights Action Center: Help Needed for Hundreds of School Students in Ethiopia

  • "Oromia State Council": Facts about Student Arrests In Oromia Region

  • March 29, AP: Two students killed, five injured in student protest in western Ethiopia

    The Six-Year Saga of Taye W/Semayat

  • Amanesty International:Dr. Taye Wolde-Semayat Prisoner of Conscience

  • Wondimu Mekonen: The Unbroken Spirit of Dr Taye W/Semayat

  • Free Dr Taye W/Samayat, President of Ethiopian Teachers Association Petition

  • Human Rigths Action Center: Help Free Dr.Taye W/Samayat

  • Amnesty International-Take Action: Remember the Prisoners of Conscience

    THE 2nd ANNUAL SUMMIT Ethiopian Students Association International-March 22-24 2002

    Fight Pedophilia

  • August 21, CHE: Eritrea Arrests 2,000 Students at U. of Asmara

    Congressional Record: Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

    The Guardian: Fighting back: A global watchdog has been launched to combat the number of attacks on teachers and students.

    Statement From Addis Ababa University Students

    Fitih Tezenega: The Nation Cries


    ESA & HOPE Task Force: Open Letter to Her Excellency Minister of Education Genet Zewdie

    Conferences-Call for Papers

    The Global Movement for Children

    Latest Version: Conference Program of Ethiopian American Foundation (EAF)

    Preliminary Conference Program of Ethiopian American Foundation (EAF)

    Benefit Concert for the Yared School of Music University of Addis Abeba

    Bridging the Digital Divide to Africa: The Role of Students

    MIT-Africa Internet Technology Initiative (MIT-AITI) Conference in collaboration with the Harvard International Development Conference

    Forum for Social Studies

    Call for Papers: "Contemporary Development Issues in Ethiopia" 08/2001

    Tiglachin:Reform the Old Educational System

  • Seleda: The Getachew Bolodia Foundation

  • Program focuses on Ethiopia's teachers-Grants help NC State nurture education training

  • The Rise of Ethiopian Nihilism and the Plight of Addis Ababa University

  • The Ministry Needs To Revisit Itself – Continuing The Discourse About Higher Education Institutions In Ethiopia

  • Higher Education: A Note About The Response Of The Ministry Of Education

  • Blooming or Grappling? A Comment on MOE's Response

  • "Higher Education in Ethiopia is rather blooming" an Open response from the Office of the Minister of Education

  • More Voice on the Discourse of the Status and Fate of Higher Education in Ethiopia

  • Bruce Chapman: Reform of Ethiopian Higher Education Financing: Conceptual and Policy Issues

  • "We do not provide education for the sake of education but for a purpose"-Part II

  • "We do not Provide Education for the Sake of Education But for a Purpose"-Part I

  • Concern Over Higher Education in Ethiopia: An Open Letter to the Minster of the Ministry of Education and the Ethiopian Government

  • Unesco: Science and Technology in Africa

  • Lishan Adam: Education in Information Communication Technologies: Twin Opportunities and Challenges!

  • Noel Okoth: Poor resources hinder academic growth in Ethiopia

  • Teklehaimanot Habteselassie: Cultural Foundation of Education in Ethiopia

  • Tekeste Negash: Let the Formal Sector Defend Itself

    Unesco's List of Ethiopian Studies in Education

  • Joel Samoff: No Teacher Guide, No Textbooks, No Chairs: Contending with Crisis in African Education-Part1

  • Joel Samoff: No Teacher Guide, No Textbooks, No Chairs: Contending with Crisis in African Education-Part2

    Renown MIT linguist, philosopher and political activist Noam Chomsky talks to Domenico Pacitti about the pressures on academic freedom and the advances in our knowledge of language

    Noam Chomsky- Higher Education: Truth to Tell

  • A Model of Teacher Effectiveness Report by Hay McBer to the (Britain's) Department for Education and Employment - June 2000

  • Lessons from New York City Education-James Traub: What No Schools Can Do

  • Lessons from the New South Africa

    IT and Distance Education


  • June 13, The Straits Times Interactive Analysis: India's slum kids latch onto IT

    Monde Diplomatique (April-2000)- THE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE GOES ONLINE: Comeback of an Education Racket


  • A Collection of Essays by Dr. Richard Pankhurst- from Addis Tribune

  • Images of Ethiopia from University of Pennsylvania

  • PBS: The Holyland- Ethiopia: An Ancient Legacy of Christianity

  • AFROMET: Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures


  • Ethiopian Cultural Television (ECTV)


  • March 28, The Reporter-A fossilized museum-piece or a living legend?

  • March 16-LRB: Remembering Menelik II, Arthur Rimbaud and 19th Century Ethiopia at a Time of Global Capitalism

    Encyclopedia Africana

    Africana: An Encyclopedia of the African and African American experience edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates Jr.,
  • Jan 16- NY Times Book Review-John Thornton: Out of Africa- A guide to the continent and everything that sprang from it

    Civics: Two New Ethiopian Films

  • 1. Adwa: An African Victory!
    A Film by Haile Gerima-

    On March 2, 1896 the Italians embarked on the final European conquest of an African nation, Ethiopia. With brilliant military intelligence and galant generals at the helm, the Ethiopians willed their way to triumph over the Italians at the Battle of Adwa. The event ignited a lasting flame in the hearts of Africans throughout the World.

    In his own word, Haile joins the voices of Ethiopian historians, elders, priests, poets and singers, capturing on film the education and experience that shaped his consciousness. In collage of Ethiopian landscapes, paintings, photographs and faces, the fillm illuminates one of the hidden sources of African empowerment. Words and music resonate from a soundtrack celebrating the centenary of Adwa: An African Victory.

    Adwa takes its audience through a transforming rite of passge linking the contemporary African with the early founders of the Panafrican movement. As in Sankofa, Haile's earlier film, rememberance is a major theme of Adwa.

  • Dec 7, BBC-Africa's cinema: Setting the record straight

  • Dec 3, Addis Tribune-Film Review

  • 2. Tezkar

    A Film by Makeda Ketcham

    Makeda Ketcham, the writer and director of this 52 min documentary film speaks about the moviie in this article. I have made five trips to Ethiopia in search of my Ethiopian roots. During that time I discovered that the history of the country was closely intertwined with that of my family.

    My great-grandfather, Johannes Mayer, was a German Protestant missionary who, during the reign of Tewodros II, worked in Abyssinia and married there a native of the region of Wollo (Tenta), a lady named Sarah Negussie... Continued

    Remembering the Great Mwalimu-Teacher Julius Nyerere (1922-1999)
  • Oct 18-Ghelawdeos Araia-Tribute to Nyerere

  • Oct 16, Times of Zambia-We have been robbed of great leader--Chiluba

  • Oct 15, PANA- Ethiopian Leaders Mourn Nyerere

  • Oct 14, BBC-Vicki Netetema- Nyerere-A personal recollection

  • The Hidden Costs of Schooling for Ethiopian Parents

  • Why Don't some parents send their children to school?

  • Should It Ethiopia Discard its Centuries-Old Writing System Because of the New Technolgy(ies)? No says Prof. Baye

  • Fighting to Save Children from Battle

  • BBC-Children of Conflict

  • UNESCO- Children and War

  • Ethiopian boys

    In an oft-cited study, Biazen and Junge(1988) show that in rural Ethiopia (Gojam), labor demands fall more heavily on boys than on girls and that these demands account for 57 percent of the reasons for the school absenteeism of boys. Only 32 percent of girls mentioned household chores as a reason for not coming to school.

  • Lesotho: Gender Bias Against Boys

  • Organising Against Child Labor

  • Descriptions of African Languages by Country

  • Baker and Jones -Map of the Colorful Diversity of OFficial languages of Africa

    Freire and Liter acy

  • Paulo Freire: A Homage
  • Q&A The Freirean Approach to Adult Education

  • Fre ire Inspired Program In Ethiopia

  • Freire Inspired Work in the US

  • Issues in Freirean Pedagogy

  • Education Related Selected News

  • Jan 28, 2003: Walta: Institute Graduates 141 Trainees

    The Jijiga Technical and Vocational Training Institute here on Saturday graduated with certificates 141 students it trained in various fields.

  • Jan 24, BBC: Ethiopia denies harassing teachers

    The Ethiopian Government has denied arresting and harassing teachers and students opposed to government policies.

  • Jan 24, Addis Tribune: Ethiopia’s Educated Suffer Government Repression Says Human Rights Watch

    The Ethiopian government is muzzling educators and students with a policy of harsh repression that includes extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests, and widespread denials of freedom of opinion and association, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

  • Jan 21, The Stanford Daily: Intenational Spotlight: Ethiopia (Inteview with Stanford's Sophomore Meklit Workneh)

    "...I think a lot of people right now are looking for solutions that are Ethiopian, that aren’t coming in from a Western model, and I see that sort of thinking becoming more prevalent now, like we need solutions to our own problems; we need to identify the cultural values we have and apply that to these problems. And that’s really good, I think, because a lot of the Western ideas and Western models that come in haven’t been working."

  • Jan 10, WIC: ECDC Hands Over 20,000 Books To Ministry

    The Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) today handed over 20,662 books to the Ministry of Education for distribution to institutions of higher learning in the country.

  • Jan 2, WIC: Gewane College Under Expansion With 54 Million Birr

    The Administration of Gewane Technical and Vocational College in Afar State disclosed that it is expanding the College with an outlay of 54 million birr.

  • Dec 20, Addis Tribune: University Deans, Instructors Tender Resignation

    Following the appointment of Prof. Andreas Eshete as the president of the Addis Ababa University, reports and sources close to Addis Tribune say some deans of faculties and professors have tendered their resignation. The same sources say most instructors of the University believe that Professor Andreas co-harbor a pro-government stance, which they said had been reflected during the meetings two weeks ago.

  • Dec 13, Addis Tribune-Editorial: Leave the University Alone

    The University, as an academic institution, should be allowed to apply its own standard of evaluating its academic staff. “Gimgema” could be applicable to the ruling party for evaluating its cadres and members - but not to academic institutions and professional establishments.“Gimgema” is a Stalinist way of unfair evaluation and is totally communist in origin...

  • Dec 13, Addis Tribune-Mesay Kebede: The Drifting Mind

    [..] The lesson of the recurring famines of Ethiopia is not the change of regime, which is useless without the drastic and uncompromising awareness that modern education has made us into the vultures of our own society. Only then can we recover our capacity to think, that is, the aptitude to consider our society as the center of our references and to integrate our life into its real life.

  • Dec 11, The [Ethiopian] Reporter: University President and V/Presidents submit resignation

    Prof. Eshetu Woncheko, the president of Addis Ababa University (AAU), along with his two deputies, Dr. Tetemke Mehari and Dr. Bute Gotu, submitted on Monday their letters of resignation to the Ministry of Education, it was learnt. According to sources close to the University, this action comes as a culmination of disagreement between the above three and officials of the Ministry with regard to issues related to the institution’s academic freedom.

  • Dec 9, IRIN:ETHIOPIA: Interview with Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF

    [Despite] the fact that the indicators are low, I don’t think [it] is a case of saying the leaders and government have done everything wrong; on the other hand, I think it is a wake-up call to the government to recognise there still is a great deal to be done, and for the donor community to recognise that as well. That is why approaching this drought crisis both on a short- and long-term basis so [development] begins to have a little bit of sustainability is very important.

  • Nov 25, Walta:Ethiopia Plans To Open Access To Education For All School Age Children By 2015

    The Ministry of Education says it is working hard to open access to universal education for all school age children in Ethiopia by the year 2015.

  • Nov 23, Walta: Jimma University Receives Over 566,000 Birr Worth Educational Aids

    The Jimma University has received education aid materials worth of 566,000 birr from U.S based Carter Center.

  • Nov 14, Walta: AAU Says Launching Six New Departments In Postgraduate Studies

    The Addis Ababa University says it has launched six new programs in post-graduate studies and announced plans two begin two PH.D level programs.

  • Nov 14, BBC: Sudan university closed after riots

    The University of Khartoum in Sudan has been closed indefinitely after two days of clashes between rival groups of students.

  • Oct 21, BBC: Explosion rocks Ethiopian school

    "I was writing on the blackboard when the explosion when off. When I turned round, the room was full of smoke and there was glass everywhere. The children were screaming and crying," he [ Abebe Kidane, math teacher] said.

  • Oct 21, BBC: Blast in Ethiopian school

    The blast, which took place at Kokebe Tsibah Primary School, is reported to have injured 28 pupils, three seriously.

  • August 27, WIC:Mekelle Technology Institute to Enroll First Batch of Students

    The Mekelle Technology Institute, launched by the Tigrai Development Association (TDA), will enroll the first batch of 90 students for degree program in the next academic year, the Institutes Administration said.

  • August 27, WIC: Bureau Translates, Revises Text Books In To 12 Vernacular Languages

    The South Peoples State Education Bureau disclosed that it has translated and revised text books in 12 vernacular languages in the State to enhance the curicullum in their respective vernaculars.

  • August 25, WIC: New curriculum designed to launch degree programme in psychiatry

    An educational curriculum that would enable to launch a psychiatric nurses training at the BSc degree level has reportedly been formulated and tabled for scholarly debate.

  • August 24, Hope Enterprise To Sponsor Education Of 360 Needy Children In Gambella

    The Gambella Branch Office of Hope Enterprise disclosed that it has finalized preparations to sponsor the education of 360 needy children in the next academic year.

  • August 23, WIC: Ministry To Establish National Youth Fund

    The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture disclosed that studies were being finalized to establish national Youth Fund as part of efforts to help empower the youth economically.

  • August 20, WIC: Schools Readied For Class

    The construction of 12 of the 19 primary schools launched in South Tigrai zone during the last budget year have reportedly been completed.

  • August 20, WIC: The Number Of Female Students Said In The Rise In Oromia Region

    The "Save the Children U.S.A.", disclosed that the active participation of women in educational management committees has helped raise the number of female students in Oromia Regional State.

  • August 13, WIC: Meles Says Universities Lack Democratization, Admits Gap Of Communication With Government

    [PM Meles]said because of its non transparent culture and negligence on the part of the government to give the necessary support, the university had failed to produce capable manpower that seek solutions to problems through empirical researches. According to Meles the absence of democratic nature has hampered academic freedom. "Academic freedom in a university functioning undemocratically is an illusion," Meles said.

  • August 12, WIC: Meles Urges University Professors "Challenge Everything, Based On Critical Research"

    Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said higher learning institutions should serve as the means to execute the country's development objectives by producing efficient and work oriented man-power.

  • August 8, WIC: Meles Says, No Problem With Educational Policy, Admits Hitches In Execution

    Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said the country's education policy is based on workable scientific studies but admitted that there were problems in the process of execution.

  • Augst 8, WIC: Technical, Vocational Teachers Training Kicks Off

    The Ministry of Education disclosed that a-three-month technical and vocational teachers' training has kicked off all over the country.

  • August 7, WIC: Ministry Says Ready To Provide Information About Private Colleges

    The Ministry of Education said it was ready to offer relevant information about private colleges to the public.

  • August 6, WIC: Asmara University Students' Leader Escapes From Prison, Arrives In Ethiopia

    The President of the Asmara University Students' Union, Semere Kesete has arrived in Ethiopia safely, after escaping from his year long in captivity in a prison in Asmara.

  • July 30, IRIN: Focus on primary education

    According to a recent study, some 72 percent of school-age children have no access to formal education. The difference between the enrolment of boys and girls in schools is still vast, despite the fact that the federal government spends 15 per cent of the national budget on education. Dropout rates from primary schools are more than 25 percent.

  • July 27, AP: Some Ethiopian students want to live-not just study-in Sweden

    - Most of the Ethiopian students attending a Swedish university's course on forestry skipped their return flight to Africa, and school officials said Friday they're considering canceling future invitations.

  • July 27, Addis Tribune: “Government Wants to Shift the Blame of Failure in Education to Teachers,”-Dr.Taye Wolde-Semayat

    President of the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA), Dr. Taye Wolde-Semayat said that government is trying to shift the blame of failure in the Ethiopian education system to teachers who did not take part in formulating the education policy. Dr. Taye described the Ethiopian education policy as racist, lacking universality and philosophically wrong.

  • July 26, IRIN: UNICEF concerned over round-up of street children

    The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) expressed concern on Friday over claims that several hundred homeless children have been rounded up from the streets of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

  • July 25, Walta: Gambella State Offers Scholarship To Over 700 Civil Servants

    The Gambella State Council disclosed that it had offered scholarships to over 700 civil servants in the State in local and foreign higher learning institutions over the last one-year.

  • July 22, WIC: ODA Offers Reproductive Health Education To 68,000 Mothers

    The Oromia Development Association (ODA)disclosed that it has given reproductive health education to 68,000 mothers in eastern Wollega and Jimma Zones.

  • July 19, WIC: 1,229 Teachers In Somali State Undergoing Capacity Building Training

    1,229 teachers in Somali State were currently undergoing various capacity building trainings, the State Education Bureau said.

  • July 17, WIC: Tigray Women's Association Wins Award For Education

    The Tigrai Women's Association (T.W.A) has won an award from the African Women Educationalists Association in recognition of its outstanding role in to the advancement of education among the women in Tigrai.

  • July 12, Addis Tribune: Pleading Web Presence for Our Higher Education Institutions

    Even by African standards, most of the major universities in the continent maintain active Internet presence -- sometimes hosted outside the countries where better and enabling infrastructure exists. It is really regrettable that Addis Ababa University, one of the major and oldest universities in Africa, does not until now have a functional web site.

  • July 11, WIC: Capacity Building Training Underway For High School Teachers In Tigrai

    The Tigrai State Education Bureau disclosed that fifteen professors from the United State's Howard University were offering capacity building training to a total of 250 high school teachers in the State.

  • July 11, NYT:A Fossil Unearthed in Africa Pushes Back Human Origins

    French scientists digging in Central Africa have uncovered a skull, virtually complete and almost seven million years old, that belonged to an individual about the size of a chimpanzee. It is, they say, the earliest known member of the human family, by perhaps as much as a million years.

  • July 10, WIC: 20 Elementary Schools Built In The Somali Regional State

    The Somali Branch Office of the Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF) has completed the construction of 20 of the 28 elementary schools it had launched in the State with an outlay of 10 million Birr.

  • July 9, WIC: Volunteer University Students Deployed to Amhara State To Participate

    The Amhara State Information Bureau disclosed that the State government, in collaboration with the Amhara Development Association and other development agencies, was deploying a total of 1,735 volunteer students of higher institutions of learning to the State with the view to involving them in development activities.

  • July 8, WIC: Universities, Colleges Graduate Students

    The Bahir Dar University yesterday graduated 1,621 students with degree or diploma. The graduates followed their terms of study in the regular or continuing education programmes.

  • July 1, NYT: The World's Unschooled

    Roughly 130 million boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 11 are not enrolled in school. Another150 million drop out with less than four years of education under pressure of their parents' poverty. Born poor, these children are virtually condemned to stay poor and rear their own children in poverty. [...] The World Bank estimates it would take around $5 billion a year from all aid donors. America's fair share would be about $1 billion. Washington now contributes roughly $200 million a year.

  • July 1, WIC: Teachers' Association Demands Salary Increment

    The Ethiopian Teachers' Association urged the government to raise the salary of teachers as their earnings are not compatible with their busy schedules and the cost of living in the county.

  • June 30, WIC: STC awards three persons for their technological innovation

    The Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission (ESTC) has given incentives to three Ethiopians in recognition of their outstanding innovation in the field of science and technology.

  • June 27, UNIRIN: Focus on Borena Education

    In Borena Zone [], in the southernmost region of the country, bordering on Kenya, only five percent of girls ever make it into any schools. This percentage is alarming even in overall terms for Ethiopia, which has one of the poorest enrolment rates for girls in the world: around 40 percent of seven million school-age children. The appalling lack of education in rural areas of Ethiopia is typified in Borena, and even more so in the Teltele and Yabelo areas, the two most inaccessible parts of the zone, inhabited by nomadic pastoralists and agro-pastoralists

  • June 26, WIC: Ethics Education To Be Given In Schools

    Preparations have reportedly been finalized to introduce ethical education in formal education curriculum in Ethiopia

  • June 21, Addis Tribune: Noah Samara Says Wants to Make a Proposal to Help the Transformation of Ethiopian Education

    The founder and Chairman of WorldSpace, Noah Samara said this week that he wants to make a proposal to the Ethiopian government to help the transformation of Ethiopian education. Speaking to journalists on Monday, Noah Samara said a pilot study conducted in Kenya showed that the use of WorldSpace technology for classroom teaching has been successful.

  • June 21, WIC: College To Launch Distance Education Programme

    The Ethiopian Civil Service College disclosed that it was making preparations to launch distance education programme, with an outlay of seven million US dollars.

  • June 20, WIC: U.S Embassy Donates 4.5 Million Birr Worth Educational Materials

    The U.S Embassy here has donated educational aids worth over 4.5 million birr to the Southern Ethiopia Nation Nationalities and People's State Education Bureau.

  • June 14, Addis Tribune: UN University for Peace to Support Ethiopia with Conflict Resolution Methods

    A delegation from the UN University for Peace announced that it is preparing to work with the Ethiopian government by strengthening the capacity for education, training and research on issues of peace and security including the prevention, management and resolution of conflict.

  • June 12, AP:World Bank selects first 23 countries for universal education program

    The World Bank on Wednesday selected the first 23 developing nations to participate in pilot programs aimed at educating millions of poor children around he world. The countries include 18 nations that will qualify immediately for money to expand schooling and another five that will be in line for aid once they have approved programs in place.

  • June 12, World Bank: Development's Best Buy

    The World Bank will announce today that 23 countries will be invited to join the Education For All Fast Track to help developing countries meet the Millennium Development Goal of providing every girl and boy with quality primary school education by 2015. Eighteen of the...

  • June 12, Wondimu Mekonen's Update: Change of Plan of Dr Taye's Tour of Europe and North America

    The only request that the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) and Dr Taye are placing is that Dr. Taye wants to meet you as a united Ethiopians wherever he goes. At least, on this occasion you all should get together, co-ordinate your efforts to meet the hero. As you all were united in the struggle for his release, he would love to see you all united to greet him. Remember, he only came out of jail about 4 weeks ago. His health is not that reliable. The very reason we wanted him to come first to London was to arrange for him a medical examination. He is now coming to your area without the medical check up we have planning on...

  • June 11, BBC: Freed Ethiopian dissident to fight on

    Dr Taye says that being in prison has not intimidated him and he plans to continue his campaign to work for the betterment of his colleagues."Unless the life of teachers in Ethiopia is improved, there is no hope for our children," he says.

  • June 11, Daily Monitor (PANA): More Than 1/3 of Nation's Doctors Out of the Country

    More than 300 hundred Ethiopian doctors are reported to have left their country during the last 10 years, seeking better job opportunities in developed countries...Ethiopia is currently ranked first among other African nations as a country that losses medical professionals and other intellectuals.

  • June 11, Daily Monitor (PANA): Some Private Schools Giving Unaccredited Courses

    Students enrolled in some private institutions complained that the latter were giving courses that were not accredited by the Ministry of Education.

  • June 6, WIC: Brain Drain Of Medical Professionals From Ethiopia Said Alarming

    A study indicates that migration of medical professionals from Ethiopia was growing at an alarming rate with up to 60 per cent of the professionals going abroad failing to return home over the last few years.

  • June 5, Wondimu Mekonen's Update: Dr Taye W/Semayat's Upcoming European and North America Tour

    DR. Taye W/Semayat will pay visit to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, relevant government officials in Europe and USA to be arranged by his hosts at any destination whenever necessary, international organisations like Education International(EI) and Amnesty International (AI) to be arranged by EI Mission to Ethiopia in June 2002

  • June 4, WIC: WB Earmarks 100 Million For Ethiopia's Education Sector Development Program

    The World Bank has allocated US$ 100 million to help Ethiopia's Education Sector Development Program (ESDP). According to a document obtained from the Bank, the Bank's five year ESDP which was launched in 1998 would help Ethiopia move closer to the Global Education for All (EFA) which has the goal of ensuring the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) by 2015.

  • May 31, The Forum on Universal Education: Conference on ACHIEVING EDUCATION FOR ALL IN AFRICA

    The Forum on Universal Education would like to invite you to a conference on "Achieving Education for All in Africa" June 11, 2002, from 10 am - 3 pm. We are pleased to host three Ministers of Education from Africa for this event. Featured speakers include: Christine Churcher, Minister of Girls' Education, Ghana Ann-Therese Ndong-Jatta, Minister of Education, Gambia Gennet Zewide, Minister of Education, Ethiopia Amina Ibrahim, Lead Moderator, African Network Campaign on EFA, Nigeria

  • May 24, CHE: European Business Schools Expand Their Reach

    The European business schools are relatively young institutions in a region where many universities are 700 or 800 years old, and the schools have had trouble establishing themselves. Some of them are private institutions, in a region where public institutions dominate. The M.B.A. and the broader notion of applied rather than theoretical management education are still fairly new concepts for Europe...

  • May 21, WIC: SOFIES Welcomes Cancellation Of Auction Of Ethiopian Treasures

    The Executive Committee of SOFIES, the Society of Friends of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, yesterday passed a resolution welcoming the cancellation of the proposed Auction of the important Al J Ventner Collection of Ethiopian Christian Art, by the Buterfields Auction House in the United States.

  • May 18, WIC: Girl Gives Birth While Taking School Leaving Examination

    A girl who was taking the School Leaving Examination for grade 10 students gave birth last Thursday to a baby boy at the Shire Secondary School in northwestern Tigray zone.

  • May 16, CHE: East Africa Gets Its First University for Women

    A private university for women -- a first for East Africa -- has been established in Kenya and will soon start admitting students for undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • May 13, Wondimu Mekonen's Update on Dr Taye W/Semayat Release

    Dr Taye W. Semiate has finally walked out of Karchale jail this morning. He was escorted by hundreds of Addis Ababa citizens, notable individuals, journalists headed by Kifle Mulat, family members and Ethiopian Teachers association (ETA )officials. Dr Taye went straight to ETA office with all the crowed. He visited the office and the compound. He was beaming with joy and looked healthy, cheerful and victorious.

  • May 13, A Higher Education Resource Center Inaugurated in Jimma

    We are pleased to make public the inauguration of the Higher Education Resource Center in Jimma, which is inaugurated on May 8, 2002 in the presence of His Excellency Mr. J.R. Schram, the Canadian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ato Bogale Negash, Chief Administrator of the Jimma Special Zone, Representatives of the Getachew Bolodia foundation (GBF) and the Association for Higher Education and Development (AHEAD), and invited guests...

  • May 11, Addis Admas (Amarigna)- Dr. Taye is released

  • May 11, WIC: New curricula for higher education to be completed soon

    The Minister of Education said that the new curricula being prepared for higher education would be completed in the beginnings of September.

  • May 10, Wondimu Mekonen's Update on Dr Taye W/Semayat Release

    It is to be recalled that the High Court, which was presided by the partisan TPLF Hagos Woldu, after dropping most of the accusations, charged Dr Taye and sentenced him to 15 years. The central judge of the court of appeal found the article accepted by Judge Hagos Woldu used to jail Dr Taye Woldesemiate was totally inappropriate. Judge Hagos should have never used that article as presented by the prosecutor...

  • May 10, Deki Alula: Ethiopian Teachers Association President Released after years in prison

    Dr. Taye Woldesemayat, the jailed president of Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) has been released after years of solitary life in prison, sources told Deki-Alula today.

  • May 10, Addis Tribune: Selam Nurses College Held its 2nd Graduation Ceremony

    The 2nd batch of 33 students of Selam Nurses college, all females, have graduated yesterday at a ceremony held in the premises of the college in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi, Owner and Chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia, invited guests and parents of the graduating students.

  • May 10, ENA: AAU Approaching To Operate Entirely With Ethiopian Staff

    The Addis Ababa University (AAU) says it is approaching a level by which it would operate entirely with Ethiopian Professional staff.

  • May 9, WIC: Training underway to help prevent diseases caused by malnutrition

    A training that would help contain the various child diseases caused by malnourishment was reportedly launched yesterday in Adama Town, Oromia State

  • May 8, BBC: Annan plea for world's children

    UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has accused adults worldwide of failing children, forcing far many to grow up in poverty or threatened by war.

  • May 4, Wondimu Mekonen's Update on Dr Taye W/Semayat Saga

    Today's court drama was as outrageous as usual. Concerned people from ETA (Ethiopian Teachers Association), relatives and friend of Dr Taye, human right representatives, representatives of various organisations and foreign diplomatic post representatives, that included the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain went early in the morning and started waiting for the judges to preside...

    May 4, WIC: BBC' to broadcast educational programmes about Trachoma

    The BBC World Service Trust announced that it will launch educational programmes about Trachoma beginning next Monday to back up efforts being exerted in Ethiopia by the World Trachoma Programme to contain the disease.

  • May 1, CHE:Fewer Foreign Students, More Women Earn Science and Engineering Doctorates

    Fewer foreign students are flowing into science and engineering graduate programs in the United States, more women are earning doctoral degrees in the sciences, and the number of colleges winning federal funds for research is dropping, according to a new report issued Tuesday by the National Science Foundation.

  • April 30, IRIN: Brain Drain Reportedly Costing $4 Billion a Year

    Africa is losing as much as US $4 billion a year through top professionals seeking better jobs abroad, according to research by a senior economist at Addis Ababa University. Dr Dejene Aredo argues that 20,000 professionals each year leave the continent for new jobs in the west. In an academic paper, presented at the Organisation Of Social Science Research In East Africa (OSSERA), he claimed the brain drain was hindering the continent's development.

  • April 30, WIC: Brain drain costs Africa USD 4 billion each year

    Associate professor of economics from Addis Ababa University said brain drain costs Africa four billion USD each year and 20,000 qualified professionals migrate to the west each year. He also said that the brain drain from Ethiopia has assumed alarming proportions with every 100 professionals sent abroad for further training between 1982 and 1997,35 failed to return home.

  • April 21, BBC: World Bank pushes 'education for all'

  • April 17, UNESCO: Monitoring Report on Education for All, 2001-Executive Summary

  • March 30, WIC: Congressmen pledge continued U.S support to Ethiopia's Education sector

  • March 30, WIC: Oromia State Government Calls For Resumption Of Classes In Troubled Schools, Monday

  • March 29, Addis Tribune: AAU Expands Graduate , Continuing and Distance Education

  • March 20, ENA: Improving Quality Of Education, Training Programmes Said Vital To Expedite Development

  • March 8, WIC: Center To Offer Degree Programme In Psychiatric Treatment

  • March 7, WIC: Over 770,000 Birr School Upgrading Work Undertaken In Debre-Berhan Town

  • March 5, WIC: AAU to Launch Satellite, Video Distance Education

  • March 2, WIC: Higher Educational Institutions In North Gonder Prepare Students For Rural Development Tasks

  • March 2, Ben: Ahead and GBF Receive Funding For a Resource Centre in Jimma

  • March 1, Addis Tribune: Dr. Zenebe Abebe On Multicultural Education

  • Feb 26, BBC: Child refugee sex scandal

  • Feb 23, WIC: More Than 800 Abuses Against Children Reported In Addis Ababa

  • Feb 23, Goh(Amarigna): Education Minister Genet Zewdie walked out on Ethiopian Teachers'Association Meeting

  • Feb 11, Ben: Paying Back Our People

  • Feb 11, AHEAD: Easter in Ethiopia

  • Feb 8, WIC: Japan Extends Grant to Support Remote Education in Ethiopia

  • Feb 5, WIC: US Ambassador Presents Books Worth USD $675,000 To Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions

  • Feb 5, WIC: Los Alamos National Lab Awards Ethiopian Scientist

  • Feb 2, Addis Tribune: The Addis Ababa Say Yes for Children School Campaign Launched at the Sheraton Addis

  • Jan 8, WIC: Over 1000 Students Receiving Agricultural Training In Amhara

  • Jan 6, WIC: Boarding Primary School Goes Operational in Afar

  • Jan 3, WIC: Ministry to Launch Roving Schools for Pastoralist Communities in Afar, Somali Regional States

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