Federal Government Warns Political Parties, Groups Against Promoting Anarchy

Federal Government Warns Political Parties, Groups Against Promoting Anarchy


    Addis Ababa, April 18 (WIC)- The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic has warned political parties and certain groups against promoting anarchy while urging students particularly those in the higher learning institutions, to present their demands in an orderly and legal manner.


   In a statement it issued late this evening, the government said that any attempt by the students and other elements, to cause damage on public and government property, was unacceptable, and disclaimed any responsibility for the harm that might be inflicted on any of those found engaged in such unlawful acts.


   The statement also warned political parties and other groups who claim to be advocates of human rights, to refrain from trying to exploit the situation to promote anarchy in the city.


   The statement said that certain political groups were trying to exploit what they thought was a weakness within the ruling Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front, EPRDF to create anarchy and unlawfulness.


   The statement said that it was as it did all along during the dispute, willing to consider any legitimate demands raised from any quarter.


   It, is this regard pointed out that, the government had accepted all students demands it believed were appropriate except for the issue that related to the immediate withdrawal of campus security police.


   It said this issue too was not denied the resolution it duely deserved had it not been for the lack of patience on the part of the students.


   It however, warned that any attempt by there groups to promote anarchy and violence and to fish in what the group thought were troubled waters, was unacceptable.