Universities, Colleges Graduate Students

Universities, Colleges Graduate Students



   Addis Ababa, July 07, 2002 (ENA)- The Bahir Dar University yesterday graduated 1,621

   students with degree or diploma.  The graduates followed their terms of study in the regular

   or continuing education programmes.


   The graduates were trained in the educational streams of engineering education, business or

   economics Some 502 of the students graduated with degrees and the remaining 1119 with



   Speaking on the occasion, president of the university, Dr. Shimelis Haile said the university

   has been carrying out activities to launch new programmes and build its capacity with a view

   to meeting the skilled manpower needs of the country.


   Dr. Shimelis said a texii1 and garment technology institute has been established in the

   university as part of the national capacity building  programme, adding preparations were

   finalized to upgrade the law department to a faculty level.


   Various construction activities were undertaken and the building of others was launched in

   the university in a bid to raise the university's enrolment capacity, he said. 


   The President also said instructors of the university were receiving higher training locally or



   Similarly, the Jimma University yesterday graduated 887 students with diploma or degree in

   various educational streams.


   The graduates are from agriculture, social science, medicine, business or technology



   Academics and research vice-president with the university, Dr. Solomon Moges said on the

   occasion that the university has graduated professionals in civil, electrical and mechanical

   engineering fields for the first time.


   The university has opened six departments this academic year and was intending to launch

   postgraduate progral111ne in medicine and undergraduate prob7f8mmes in other five fields in

   the coming acadelnic year.


   Meanwhile, the Jil111m Teachers' Training College yesterday graduated 488 teachers it

   trained in its regular, continuing or in-service programme.


    College dean, Dinkuana Nigusa said on the occasion that 329 of the graduates were trained

   for two years in the regular programme while the rest were trained for three years in the

   continuing or in-service programme.


   In a related news, the Alemaya University yesterday graduated 887 students it trained with

   degrees and diplomas in various disciplines.


   Speaking on the occasion, President of the University, Dr. Desta Halnito said 47 of the

   students graduated with masters degree, 530 with bachelor degree and the remaining 510

   with diplomas.


   The university has recently launched education and health science faculties along side the

   agriculture department with the objective of curbing the pressing shortage of skilled

   manpower in the country, he said.


   Dr. Desta aid the university would launch a PhD programme in two education streams, adding

   preparations have been finalized to open new programmes to meet the manpower needs of

   the country.


   The university has also been carrying out various agricultural research activities, he said.


   Haji Mohammed Abdulahi Oksedie, a giant coffee exporter, handed out degrees and diplomas

   to the graduates as well as medals and special awards to those who showed academic

   excellence. He pledged to donate 20,000 birr to the university annually.


   Meanwhile, the Harar Nurses' Training School in the Harari State graduated on the sal11e day

   80 nurses upon completion of a two-year course.


   Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Mass Media Institute (EMMI) yesterday graduated 96 journalists

   with Diploma in a ceremony held here at the National Theatre.


   Some 45 of the graduates followed a two-year academic term in the field of Print Media and

   51 others in electronic media journalism.


   Minister of State for Information Netsanet Asfaw handed out diplomas to the graduates and

   gold medals to those who completed their studies with very great distinction.


   Netsanet on the occasion urged the graduates to discharge their professional duties

   efficiently and ethically.


   She said journalists shoulder lofty responsibilities in discharging their


   professional duty, thereby to play the expected key role in the national building endeavours.


   The Minister of State has also called on the graduates to contribute to the development of

   the journalistic profession in Ethiopia.


   Deputy director of the Institute, Tadesse Zinaye on his part said the institute has been

   contributing to the growth of the profession with its short  and long term training



   The Kotebe Teachers' Training College yesterday graduated 1,653  teachers it trained with

   degree, diploma and certificate in various fields of study.


   Chief of the Addis Ababa City Government, Ali Abdo handed out degrees, diplomas and

   certificates to the graduates.


   Ali called on the graduates to invest maximum energies with a view to helping realize the rural

   development strategy, the new Civil Service Reform Programme as well as the capacity

   building strategy of the government.


   Some 213 of the prospective teachers graduated in degree, 1132in diploma and 308 in

   certificate, according to the college's academic and research assistant dean, Mezgebu



   Similarly, the Holy Trinity Theological College of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church yesterday

   graduated 33 disciples in degree or diploma.


    Some 16 of the graduates followed a five-year degree programme in theology and 17 others

   a two-year theological education in the diploma programme.


    Various colleges in Ambo, Maichew, Adalna, Gambella, Gondar, Dessie and Awassa towns

   have also graduated a total of 3,700 students yesterday.


   The Ambo Agricultural College graduated 485 students with diploma in general and basic

   agriculture animal science or agricultural engineering fields both in the regular and continuing



   The Maichew Technical College graduated 69 students it trained for three years in various

   technical fields.


   Similarly, the Adama Technical and Teachers' Training Colleges graduated 950 students.


   The Adama Technical College has graduated 543 students it had trained in various technical

   fields while the rest were graduated from the Adama Teachers College.